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Healthy eating & fruit & veg blogMy health and fitness kick went well the first week… I started just before the recent trip to Margate where it unsurprisingly stopped for a few days to allow for all the cake and champagne. Upon my return I have tried to keep up with the plan… aiming for a workout to various YouTube home fitness vids once a day as well as eating less junk carbs and starch and relying more on fresh fruit and veg, as well as protein.

I haven’t stuck to the plan every day… but mostly things are going well. When I first changed to this way of eating, I lost 3lbs the first week, before Margate. I mostly want to be happy with what I am eating and I am sure the body confidence will rise with that at the same time. I’m not completely unhappy with my weight and size, for having a baby a less than a year old I think I’m doing quite well in fact.

I just feel terrible when I have loaded my body up with pastry, bread, chips… all the quick filling and energy boosting foods but foods which I can pretty much feel sitting on my hips and in my thighs. It gets me down. When I start the day with hot water and lemon, reduce caffeine and rely more on red bush tea than coffee, I feel much more alert, clean throughout and confident in myself.

I don’t know if the whole detox thing is a myth, or if this is a psychosomatic reaction; in the end, does it really matter? If I am happier eating and drinking a certain way and it leads to higher levels of health and personal happiness then it can’t be bad.

On that note, I am being pretty bad today what with 3 coffees already but I haven’t loaded up with pastry or bread. Or chips. So I am winning that battle for the day. The weekend was awash with all of the bad foods, plus wine. Naughty Cara. 3 coffees today isn’t so bad.

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My shopping list contains plenty of fresh fruit & veg, as well as skinless cooked chicken and boiled eggs. One interesting thing I noted was that when I went off this healthy eating/drinking and fitness plan for a few days for a trip away, my skin reflected the change afterwards. Oily, blemished and fatigued. Back on the healthy kick and it gets brighter, the blemishes fade and my complexion is much better. So it must be doing something good.

I don’t want to make myself any promises about no booze until such and such a time, or that I will be a size 8 in 2 weeks. As if, and if only. No. However I do want to be a certain weight (which incidentally is about my pre-pregnancy weight) by the time of Blue’s first birthday, which is the end of October. We’ll see how it goes. I can only do my best, right?


– Cara Sutra


  1. just remember the chips are evil!!! worse than sugar… by that i mean, when ever you eat potato starch products, brush your teeth after. the starch sticks to your teeth and will give cavities faster than other products…

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