Lingerie Sales? Get Real

diamante corsetIn my line of work I write a fair bit about lingerie. Lingerie descriptions, the best lingerie to wear for guaranteed seduction, the best lingerie for your body shape, yada yada.

Many people buy products online (and elsewhere for that matter) based on the product image(s) used to advertise that product. This can be on a website or on the outer of a package in a bricks and mortar store.

I’m sure I am not the only one who has bought an item of lingerie based, not on my actual desire for the item itself, but rather because of the sneaky psychological connection I make subconsciously, that if I buy lingerie item X, I will then magically look like lingerie model Y who wears lingerie item X in the picture.

Has this ever happened? Have any of you bought a lingerie piece, received it, tried it on and morphed into a sensual (complete with hooded eyes, big hair and disproportionately skinny thighs) lingerie model? No, I thought not.

I am aware that lingerie models are thinner than me, have a ‘better’ (for lingerie modelling, in any case) body, that the world and its dog requires lingerie models to be a maximum of a UK size 6 or whatever, and after 3 pregnancies and 2 kids I am just not in that bracket. Sorry. It almost makes you feel guilty that you have to order lingerie in a ‘regular’ or ‘normal person’ size, as if the model in the image is looking upon you pityingly, a hint of despair in her ultra shopped eyes. Are they even the same colour as each other? Wait, is one eye violet and the other’s green now? Ok then.


I wish that lingerie could be sold on the basis of what it looks like on a real person. Not that these lingerie models are not real people, but they have been so heavily edited and shopped that I doubt they even remotely resemble these images in real life. If they do, many are in serious need of corrective surgery for what is no doubt painful back problems, hip problems and help to walk unaided with such heavy breasts and lack of weight in their bottom half.

I’m not even joking when I say I have seen corsets being sold where the product image depicts a woman who has legs different sizes to each other. The contorted angles are actually quite painful to think about, never mind look at.

So I put it to lingerie manufacturers: GET REAL.

Show us your lingerie, on real women, and by that I mean maybe even the same women, just unedited. Women in all their glorious reality. By all means use flattering lighting but do you really have to inflate their breasts and slice off half their thighs on Photoshop before the items will sell? In many cases the end result shows a lingerie piece which has no bearing on what you get on a hanger or in the packet, it has been adjusted on the image so much.

Those in the sex toy bloggersphere would not accept this in any other area – for instance if you bought a luxury vibrator which showed three curves along the shaft then in reality had none whatsoever, I am sure there would be a fuss kicked up.

What are your thoughts on this sensitive subject?


  1. As I said on Twitter earlier, I totally agree with you. This kind of shit isn’t really on and is just disappointing at the end of the day!

  2. Entirely the truth! I find model photographs with unrealistically smooth, waxy skin with no scars, stretch marks, freckles or moles particularly irritating.

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