Health, Fitness & Diet – A new, positive life!

So here I am almost 10pm on a Sunday evening and I’m about to explain my little deviation from the normal happenings of my adult blog.

The truth is, this is still my blog as well as a ‘magazine’, and hopefully these new updates will be welcomed as part of women’s interests, health, beauty, diet and fitness.

I’ve spent too long being unhappy with my diet and my body, bouncing between coffee diets and processed junk food. Time for change!

I will be blogging my journey to a better me as well as noting best fitness tips as I find them. At over 30 years old I’ve wasted too much time disliking myself physically and feeling unhealthy internally too!

Watch this space for a new column about health, fitness, diet and all the related highs and lows.

Wish me luck?

Cara Sutra


  1. I think it’s a great idea! I’m looking forward to your insight and hope to get some ideas for myself!

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