Fetish Friday: Why teddy bears are important to Daddy’s little girls

teddy bearThe teddy bear is an important and long established symbol, showing innocence, vulnerability and the cosseting of childhood. Teddy bears are childhood companions to both girls and boys, providing cuddles and comfort any time they’re required. So deeply engrained upon our psyche, the media has tapped into the symbol of a discarded teddy bear during Hollywood films. They can be used to depict brutal abandonment of children in warzones, disturbing relationship troubles and other emotive scenes which need only show a discarded teddy on the floor without its owner, to drive the upsetting message home.

Teddy bears are an important aspect of Daddy’s little girl roleplay and ageplay in general. Teddies highlight the contrast of virtue and vice, innocence and purity against wickedness and sin. This taboo rationale, raised in our minds either consciously or subconsciously, juxtaposes the adult woman playing the inexperienced little girl. She holds on to her teddy bear for safety, left to the perversions of her main carer and role model, her Daddy Dom.

In the BDSM scene, daddies little girls and anyone involved in this type of ageplay fetish are often regarded as overly perverse, disgusting and sometimes even worse labels than these are applied. This is the result of a misunderstanding of the fetish as a whole. The woman who wishes to revert mentally to being a little girl in part, is an adult aged woman, who has made an adult decision to fulfil her need to submit by relinquishing responsibility in the way a little girl would to her loving, protecting Daddy.

When you think about it logically, there is not that much difference between Daddy’s little girl fetish and a naughty nurse, kinky nun or a rebellious schoolgirl sexual roleplay. All of those roles require someone to take on the role of a, for the want of a better term, ‘victim’, that is to say someone placing their trust in someone in the position of power, who in turn then enjoys ‘corrupting’ them. A nurse with a patient. A nun corrupting the righteous. A schoolgirl being perverted by the headmaster or other teacher.

Is it really any ‘worse’ to want to roleplay a little girl to a Daddy figure, than it is to be a ‘fiddled’ schoolgirl by the Headmaster? Yet naughty schoolgirl outfits and the other roleplay outfits are widely available in every kinky lingerie shop on the high street and known about through every area of the accepted, mainstream media.

This perceived yet safe corruption, is one that appeals to the rebellious part of our psyche that I believe is also linked to the tease and seduction aspect of romance and sex. Innocence, when found in one that you know isn’t truly virtuous, is seen as ripe for corruption. You’re safe in the knowledge that they consent to your ‘wicked ways’, while enjoying the overwhelming, intoxicating feeling that you’re showing them something new, some worldly-wise experience that is dramatically altering their sex life, their whole life.

It makes you the unforgettable teacher, while making them your corrupted conquest.

Going along with the innocent little girl mentality and the Daddy Dom’s need to both nurture and love as well as corrupt and defile, is the visual accessory of the teddy bear. it is more than merely a symbol, a teddy bear is an actual accessory to this roleplay whether for a session only or for extended, lifestyle power exchange roles.

Once in the submissive, little girl mind set, a woman throws off the adult shackles of responsibility which is liberating in itself. You trust your Daddy Dom to attend to your needs, whether physical or emotional. To keep your mind on the task, while knowing in your mind that you are just as deviant as your Daddy Dom is, you may find you want or need a separate element of innocence than your mind to help keep the right attitude.

This forever companion will never abandon you, won’t ever disappoint you and can be a great co-conspirator regardless of the situation. Teddy will be by your side whether you’re in Daddy’s good or bad books, unless Daddy threatens to separate you if you’ve been really bad, of course.

Your teddy bear is your listening ear, your friend, your despairing supervisor of punishments and your non-judgemental ‘snuggle fiend’ after lights out.

In my opinion everyone should have a teddy bear or a dolly! Do you still have one? Do they share the bed with you? What have you named yours?


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  1. I am a young male and I want to be daddy’s little girl! I love love LOVE my teddy bears and sleep with them often. Most the daddies I chat with online love that I have teddies and say they would let me cuddle it and use it for comfort while they take advantage of me. Great post!

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