Fetish Friday: What you never knew about pony play

saddle and riding tack - pony play fetish equipment

pony boy - pony play fetishPony play is a popular fetish which has many facets. Not limited to any one gender, pony play fetish practitioners may be pony girls, or pony boys. This fetish is a thread of submission which has links into objectification, pet play and being a treasured belonging/pet of either one Dominant or serving a team of Dominants, a group or a household.

Just what is pony play? Pony play is when a submissive in the BDSM scene finds an attraction in being treated like a horse, or pony. This can be either as just a mind set, or can involve many accessories such as wearing  saddle, being on all fours, having a bit gag, a butt plug tail and/or specially made hoof boots.

Desiring either an owner, a rider or both, those who engage in the pony play fetish are themselves roleplaying or acting as the pony. Contrary to popular vanilla opinion, there are no actual animals involved!

Pony Play is attractive to those drawn to this fetish as the submissive must serve, as an inferior. We see animals as inferior to humans and horses in particular have been our animal of choice for many types of work throughout the centuries. From carrying burdens in the field to transporting soldiers across fields of war, horses have been there to give humanity the service they require.

Of course there is a special affinity that many people have with horses, over any other animal. They are deep and sensitive creatures, yet cannot vocalise their thoughts as humans can. They can be moody, temperamental and difficult to handle; yet with the right care and training can be moulded into the perfect serving animal for that owner.

So too with a pony play submissive. Even rebellious and bratty natured subs, if they show a desire to be trained through pony play methods by their Dominant, will need to be schooled and trained as a horse would be, until their behaviour and actions are correct. Often times the pony play submissive holds a secret glee over requiring the use of a crop or schooling whip, adding the delights of corporal punishment to this training.

pony play fetish - pony girlAs the submissive is roleplaying the part of an animal, obviously vocalising their thoughts and feelings is not part of the session. Therefore they usually show their feelings in other ways, stamping of a foot, tossing of the head or other movements, which are closely watched and corrected by the Dominant.

There are many levels of pony play in the BDSM scene, from those who are merely interested and enjoy some light role playing during foreplay and sex, to those who regularly get kitted up in full tack and are ridden as an actual horse, whether in a one to one D/s setting or at a BDSM club or event.

Whether this is your only fetish is of course, a personal preference. One of the more niche fetishes, although pony play incorporates many kinks such as butt plug tails, leather, corporal punishment, speech restrictions, eye restrictions and objectification, many of those who practice it often have little to no interest in other niche fetishes. This isn’t to say it doesn’t happen of course, or that it’s wrong in any way.

How the pony play submissive is referred to, or refers to themselves, varies greatly and is again, a personal taste issue. In the somewhat sub-culture from anime and kink/adult versions of My Little Pony being made into an adult interest area, there are terms which are making their way into the more traditional arena of BDSM pony play.

What started out as innocent terms for fans of the MLP show are now being applied to pony play fetishism, such as colt, brony, pegasister. Bronies and colts are generally male while pegasisters are female.

Pony play overlaps with the furry fetish scene where animal roleplay rules. In the ‘fur set’ (where those who are into animal roleplay and furry fetish meet ups are called ‘furmeets’) often times you will find individuals with a fluid sexuality and open minds.

As with all things BDSM and fetish, sex does not have to be involved. The enjoyment is from the exchange of power and relinquishing control to another, or taking the reins (literally in this case!) and controlling another person, for consensual, mutual enjoyment.

Of course for others, it can be quite a sexual thing.

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How do you feel about pony play? Is it something you would consider becoming involved with, even for a one off roleplay session?

Have you had any experience of, or involvement with the furry scene or pony play fetish?

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– Cara Sutra


  1. You just never know! I hope you get to try it out at some stage. It’s not something I have been overly involved with, but enjoy from a distance as well as my lover being into the roleplay and tails element. Thank you for your comment!

  2. There was a pony play class I took at the local dungeon given by the pony gal and her owner. She had some beautiful pieces she let us touch. They had us make our own harnesses and trot around pony style. I have that picture somewhere of them with me being a pony.

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