Companies & Affiliates: Stop with the aggressive digital marketing!

Cash and affiliate marketingSex toy affiliates have been gradually increasing their use of affiliate links through social marketing, as well as in their blog posts and sex toys reviews, in an attempt to receive commission on referred sales. It is of course an attractive prospect: all you have to do is push the links out there and if someone clicks through and buys, voilá! Cash. Lovely jubbly.

There is also an alarming rise in the number of sex toy and adult companies who are, likewise, increasing their levels of aggression in the growing social media marketplace. I don’t mean getting angry, I mean using social media as the 21st century version of cold-calling.

I regularly receive mentions on Twitter from companies with no other communication to me than their newest product, a direct request to join their affiliate scheme, or worse, a demand to follow them or retweet such and such. I don’t respond. Why? These tweets are quite evidently engineered in the hopes of attaining traffic to their own social media or website, by the use of my following, which I have worked hard to achieve. Trying to take advantage of such is at best, bad social media etiquette and at worst downright rude.

What’s worse is visiting a company’s social media profile, in this instance, Twitter, and seeing that their timeline is nothing but a stream of similar tweets to other large names in the sex toy reviewing and adult blogging community. It not only screeches of desperation, it shows a serious lack of understanding in networking, marketing and basic customer service skills.

aggressive twitter marketing strategiesHeading back to the affiliate side, it really isn’t interesting to see tweet after tweet of desperate attempt to gain cash by throwing out a Paid on Results or in-house affiliate scheme link. As many affiliates don’t have an automated tweeting app, or a scheduler, these tweets are usually published in quick-fire succession, clogging up the timeline and being yawn-worthy.

Why not unfollow? I hear you say. Yes, I could unfollow these fellow bloggers and sex toy reviewers, but I would hope that a little more education about the use of affiliate links would help to tone down this aggressive tendency. Also, it would be a shame to lose connection with the sex toy reviewing community, many of whom I have known for years and count amongst my friends.

When your timeline is filled with up to 90% affiliate tweets, each tweet loses its value. You would be better off with one affiliate tweet, every now and then – and for an offer which YOU think is great value. There’s no better marketing than for a product you truly believe in. Would you buy this product? Do you think it’s actually a great offer, or are you merely waiting for the pennies to roll in?

Companies don’t benefit from you using Paid on Results links either. Even links which are search engine indexed through Twitter and Google Plus, if not those on Facebook, are giving a follow link to Paid on Results, not the end sex toy company. To sex toy companies, those links you’re throwing out have pretty much no value at all, apart from the end sales they receive – which they are paying out heavily on in commissions, PoR fees and other administrative costs.

Use your affiliate links wisely and you will find that more people listen – and click – when you DO choose to tweet an offer or product. Give an honest recommendation. Tell us why you think this is a good deal. Be sincere.

Oh and companies. Want to get in touch? Do so because you’d genuinely like to connect with me, not because you can see I have nearly 6k followers on Twitter and you want the fastest, most ill-mannered route to them, almost by-passing me in the process. You may just find that I’m a lovely person (honest) and that I would be happy to lend advice or a retweet here and there.

Keep calm and lose the marketing aggression. Please?

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– Cara Sutra


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