10 Ways To Make Couples Foreplay Truly Sensational For Both Of You

Discover helpful sex tips to improve couples foreplay

10 Ways To Make Couples Foreplay Truly Sensational For Both Of YouWhere is your sex life at? Is it still as breathtaking and magical as in the honeymoon period, or just a quick roll under the duvet after lights out if you’re lucky?

Many couples find that sex can become stale and boring after a while. It’s natural to find something that works, then stick with it. A position, a time, a place.

Circumstances change; work, family, life. Bedtimes become more about sinking into precious sleep rather than sinking into the arms (and dare we say it, other places) of your partner.

Most people realise that couples foreplay is vital with regards to engaging your partner physically and mentally before sex. Women in particular have previously bemoaned the lack of personal attention just before sexual intercourse, although partners of any gender should prioritise foreplay in order to continue a successful and happy relationship.

Foreplay, good foreplay that is, should be about much more than a quick fondle before penetration. Women generally take longer to get aroused than men, however both partners will enjoy sex more if time and thought is invested in the period beforehand.

10 ways to make couples foreplay truly sensational for both of you

Remember: although the skin is our largest physical organ (sorry chaps), the brain is the biggest sex organ. Don’t neglect psychological stimulation during your pursuit of physical pleasure.

There are numerous ways in which you can make couples foreplay truly sensational, but we’re going to concentrate on 10 key points which will help you not only bring sexual fantasies to life, but also reignite the passionate emotions between you as a loving couple. That’s bound to make sex even more explosive!

1. Spend time on a non-sexual activity

10 Ways To Make Couples Foreplay Truly Sensational For Both Of YouThis may seem a strange way to start. Something non-sexual? How’s that supposed to help with couples foreplay? Spending time with your partner outside of the bedroom enjoying an activity together is a surprisingly effective route to rediscovering those tingles of lust and longing you felt right at the start.

Communicate with each other and converse about topics you are in harmony with, as well as those you can debate passionately about.

Whether it’s cooking a meal together, going to the theatre or taking up archery, take the time to bond outside the bedroom first.

2. Do your homework

Research the erogenous zones and invest time studying how best to physically turn your partner on, when the time comes.

Knowledge is power and there is so much to learn about the body, both male and female. Take a look at the TON of information you can find on the internet, or get some books and do it the old fashioned way.

You are sure to learn much more than you thought possible and reveal new inspiring methods of arousing your partner which will excite you just thinking about them.

3. Don’t touch

Yes, you read that correctly. But how can not touching possibly be great couples foreplay?

Let your minds meet first. Remember what I said about the brain being the largest sexual organ? It’s time to put it into action.

The overwhelming majority of couples will agree that sex is best when they have been mentally aroused for some time beforehand. And I don’t mean just from that 10 minutes after getting into bed, either.

10 Ways To Make Couples Foreplay Truly Sensational For Both Of You

Get in the mood for naughty time by texting your partner just what you want to do to them, or what you want them to do to you. Accompany your text with a teasing, but not overly explicit picture.

Fan the flames of lust by leaving sexy notes around the house, where you know your partner will find them. You could even indulge in some sexy conversations or roleplay through instant messaging, such as on MSN, Skype or Yahoo.

4. Set the scene

When you think of a lavish, sex inspiring boudoir, what do you imagine? Now think of where you plan to have sex. Big difference? Time to improve the scene.

Most people find that they gravitate to the bedroom to have sex. It’s a place of privacy and let’s face it, beds are comfortable. We can get naked and be at ease during sexual activity. It makes sense to ensure that this room is conducive to sensual thoughts and doesn’t detract from the atmosphere.

Clear the clutter and make as much space as you can. Use low lighting and indulge in some luxurious bed linen that’s tangible and beautiful. It will really make a difference.

5. Take it outside

Feeling a bit cheeky? Try some outdoor play. You don’t need to be naked and get arrested for public indecency! There are discreet ways to turn each other on outdoors. In fact, even the thought of being so naughty can give you the thrill required to kick start proceedings.

Open Google and type in ‘sex shop’ or ‘sex toy shop‘. Browse for some remote control sex toys which can be worn by one partner while the other is in charge of the remote control. Trustworthy sex toy shops offer low prices, great customer service and discreet delivery too.

Or how about a satisfying butt plug? Many anal sex toys have a flattened flared base which means you can sit down while wearing them, while the contoured body means they stay in place securely.

By the time you get home you won’t be able to resist pouncing each other immediately!

6. Soap and soothe

10 Ways To Make Couples Foreplay Truly Sensational For Both Of YouBaths and showers aren’t just for maintaining personal hygiene. They can also be an important location which help make your love life more interesting and exciting.

Why relax in the bath alone? Share a hot, deep, bubble bath with your lover and perhaps even incorporate a waterproof sex toy into the couples foreplay fun. Showers are a quick and convenient way to dive into sexy aquatic adventures together – for instance soaping each other up and down is sure to lead to a lot more.

7. Erotic massage

Following on neatly from bath and shower play comes: erotic massage. This often overlooked method of enjoying couples foreplay covers a range of ways to touch your partner, from non-sexual, relaxing and therapeutic strokes over their shoulders, back and thighs, to lightly grazing their erogenous zones (nipples, labia, clitoris or shaft, perineum and testicles amongst many others) with fingertips or tongue for a more sexual massage session.

The power of touch will help you form close, intimate bonds. Exploring one another’s bodies can enlighten you to new ways to stimulate your partner that perhaps hadn’t occurred to you previously. Using good quality massage oils will ensure a frictionless glide over every contour of their body, providing a smooth, comfortable and above all, sensual and erotic sensation which they’ll adore.

8. Tie them down

10 Ways To Make Couples Foreplay Truly Sensational For Both Of YouA delicious aspect of couples foreplay that you may not have previously considered is sexy bondage. The enjoyable sensation of being restrained by your partner, or being the one to restrain your partner and have them at your physical mercy is thrilling and opens up entirely new avenues of sexual and psychological investigation.

If you are new to bondage, then start off light: there are many comfortable wrist cuffs available for you to use in the bedroom which feature a quick safety release for your peace of mind. You can also read my related article about introducing bondage to the bedroom here.

Silk restraints can help you ‘play like Grey’ if you fancy a Fifty Shades of Grey roleplay session. Or, use some flexible bondage ties to quickly, safely and efficiently keep their wrists or ankles together as you tease the rest of their body.

9. Reciprocate

Couples foreplay is not a one way street. It is all too easy to relax into the moment and enjoy the attentions of your partner but remember: reciprocate! Being generous with your attentions and desire to stimulate them both physically and mentally is sure to result in their increased desire to please you in return, building a lasting circle of pleasure and sensation.

Show you love and cherish your partner by making the effort to appreciate them fully, as well as merely enjoying their input to the session. Genuinely wishing to please your partner is the best route to more satisfying foreplay for both of you.

10. Keep talking

‘Communication is key’ – we hear it so often, but do you put it into practice in your relationship and love life?

You can’t expect your partner to be a mind reader. Sometimes you need to spell out exactly what turns you on, and on the flip side, what you really don’t like. The more you can communicate to your partner, the more information and material they have to work with, leading to a love life which makes you as satisfied and fulfilled as you both deserve.

Talk to each other and find out what you really want from your relationship, from your sex life and from each other.

Putting these 10 couples foreplay sex tips into practice will make sure you both give and receive not only the best but the most tailored couples foreplay from your partner. This prelude to sexual intercourse also means that when the big event does happen, it is the most mutually enjoyable expression of your love and passion that you have ever experienced.


10 Ways To Make Couples Foreplay Truly Sensational For Both Of You

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