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Will Anal Sex Toys Make Me Gay?

A man who enjoys using a butt plug. Does that notion conjures up any homosexual connotations for you? Then you have fallen prey to one of the most common and persistent sexuality myths. When it comes to men’s sex health, a surprising number of guys are questioning, “will anal sex toys make me gay?”

Exploration of Anal

Will Anal Sex Toys Make Me Gay? Men's Sex HealthThere’s a positive note for 21st century sexuality. More men than ever are exploring and delighting in anal stimulation regardless of their sexual orientation. That stimulation might be from their partner or from anal sex toys. In the past, anal sex toys were seen as the sole domain of more sexually adventurous people & couples.

After much societal evolution as well as sexual education, this opinion is changing. Enjoying anal sex toys doesn’t mean a guy is necessarily bisexual or homosexual. However, so much still needs to be done to debunk the myth entirely. Too many men still wonder will anal sex toys make me gay?

Sexuality & Sex Toys Not Related

Men and women of all sexualities are equally normal (whatever that is). Happily (with a few unfavourable exceptions) everyone is accepted by society. Assuming the sexuality of a person based on their self stimulation techniques is nothing but small minded and uneducated.

A man can privately acknowledge enjoying anal stimulation but we still have some way to go. Not all men feel completely at ease psychologically or physically when enjoying anal stim. Enjoying a partner’s attention anally or including a butt plug into your masturbation sessions should be guilt free. In addition, it should be as enjoyable and ‘normal’ as using cock rings during couples sex.

If you choose not to use anal sex toys or receive anal stimulation yourself, that’s your choice. However, researching human physiology shows conclusively that the anal area is full of sensitive and pleasure providing nerve endings. It could be a waste of erotic potential due to unfounded myths and consequential guilt if you avoid anal stim merely due to myths.

Health Benefits

There are non-sexual benefits to male anal stimulation too. Anal stim doesn’t just provide you with high levels of sexual pleasure. Stimulating and massaging the man’s prostate gland gives health benefits. The prostate gland is located on the front wall of the anal canal in men. Stimulating this not only feels amazing, but it has been shown to effectively reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

This small, walnut shaped gland can be massaged by your partner’s finger if they are dexterous enough. A more effective method is to use a prostate massager specifically designed for the purpose.

There are plenty of health benefits from prostate massage. They include reducing the size of an enlarged prostate, improving urine flow and reducing urination frequency. Also, prostate massage can ease erectile dysfunction problems and pain as well as pain on ejaculation.

With a happier prostate and improved health, your sex life is bound to be more confident and enjoyable. The benefits will be felt not only by you, but also noticed and enjoyed by your partner too.

Anal Sex Toys & Prostate Massagers

For UK readers, you can find a range of prostate massagers online. There are static and vibrating types available. Just type “sex toys uk” or “sex shops uk” into your web browser. That’s right, most if not all sex toy shops offer prostate massagers and anal dildos specifically for men. They are offered at a range of prices to suit all budgets.

Whether you are a single man or a man in a relationship, there are anal sex toys to fit your desires and needs. There butt plugs and prostate massagers. Also, there’s a range of strap on harnesses and strap on sex kits. Take your pick and revitalise your sex life, bringing the excitement back to sex.

Will Anal Sex Toys Make Me Gay?

Does enjoying anal sex toys make a man gay? No, it does not. It does mean you’re a secure person in whichever sexuality you are. You are able to enjoy the sexual enjoyment male anal sex toys provide without fear, guilt or self imposed prejudice.


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