Do Straight Women Have Lesbian Fantasies?

Do Straight Women Have Lesbian Fantasies?

By Cara Sutra

Do straight women have lesbian fantasies? Perhaps this is something you’ve been wondering, as your mind strays towards bi-curious thoughts during daydreams. In a society where the sexualisation of women is all too commonplace, it is easy to feel the pressure to conform to other people’s ideas of what ‘being sexy’ equates to. Often, cultural attitudes as well as media can have an impact on personal fantasies.

This is not to say someone’s sexual orientation will be defined or refined by society, of course; sexuality is inherent to a person’s genetic makeup.

Sexuality: Not An Exact Science

Do Straight Women Have Lesbian FantasiesFantasies can be an indicator of sexual tendency but it’s not an exact science. It is common for people to fantasise about sexual activities and settings which they would find too intimidating or off-putting if they were to become reality. We are safe to explore the true depths of our sexual psyche while in the sanctuary of our consciousness.

Our culture is still amidst a sexual liberation. This along a growing legal acceptance of all sexualities as well as acceptance merely by the media, has contributed to women feeling more comfortable investigating their previously buried fantasies.

As a woman, you may find your thoughts turning to other types of arousing ideas during sexual fantasy time and masturbation than you previously had enjoyed, whether due to outside influences or a particularly erotic and distracting self stimulation session.

Many women find themselves drawn to bi-curious or lesbian fantasies in particular. This is not to say you are suddenly a lesbian or bisexual. Personal fantasies may encompass a variety of activities that you wouldn’t necessarily complete in real life. Does this mean these fantasies are something to be ashamed of? Not at all.

Why You’re Thinking About It

It can be helpful to spend some time considering the reasons behind your lesbian fantasies. During the fantasy are you the subject of another woman’s attentions, or are you performing sex acts to another woman? Are you aroused by the thought of being with another woman, or being another woman? Perhaps it’s more than you would like to play the part of an attractive woman in a sexual scene, regardless of the sexual partner’s gender.

Only you know the answers to these questions and it may take some time to properly think through the reasons behind your particular fantasies. Once you can confidently state why you fantasise about this topic and what exactly it is that you find arousing, you can take steps to either bring fantasy to reality or keep it safely within the sanctuary of your mind for yourself alone.

There are a few stages women generally go through when they acknowledge their lesbian fantasies. For these purposes, I’m talking about any thoughts in which a woman becomes aroused by the thought of being with another woman sexually.


Questions such as “am I gay?” “what will my partner think?” and “is this wrong?” seem to lie behind those tantalising lesbian fantasies at the beginning. Questioning your sexuality is always a complex and sensitive area.


Perhaps you are in a relationship already and worry that these lesbian fantasies make the relationship a lie. You may have thought you were straight, then suddenly bisexual and lesbian fantasies spring into your mind during a masturbation session.

How would your partner feel? Does it mean you don’t love them? Is it similar to cheating?


The lesbian fantasies persist, perhaps getting more vivid and detailed every time your mind alights on them. How can something that seems to enticing be wrong? Your curiosity is piqued and you wonder what these imagined scenes would feel like in real life. Not that you need to make fantasy a reality… but these thoughts definitely intrigue you enough to consider the next stage.


Not many fantasies are seen through to real life. Let’s face it: with the power of the human imagination this is probably a very good thing. Not everything we find arousing in the confines of our mind is actually as sexy in reality.

In some cases the fantasies trigger a revelation about a person’s sexuality or desires which cannot be silenced or kept within the realms of imagination only. At this point, you need to decide whether it is possible for you to explore these feelings with a real person as well as speaking to your partner about your thoughts, if you’re in a relationship already.

Are lesbian fantasies wrong? The short answer is no. These fantasies don’t hurt anyone, they don’t determine your sexuality and feeling ‘weird’ for having same sex thoughts is completely unnecessary.

How you decide to proceed with these fantasies, however, may well determine whether they are a milestone in the realisation of your sexuality, a development and addition to your existing relationship or merely an arousing fantasy from which the reality will never see the light of day.

Exploring your fantasies and taking the time to mull over them in detail will help you come to these important conclusions. Self stimulation sessions can be the doorway to revelations you had never expected, but which can enhance your life immeasurably.

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Final Thought

Are you normal if you have lesbian fantasies? Don’t worry – you’re not weird. You’re becoming sexually liberated: enjoy every moment!


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  1. I am a man that has had violent fantasies, does that make me violent ? Nope

    both are fantasies and as such are NOT real but could be if we wished.. We do not because fantasy and reality are quite different.

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