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After reading this (admittedly not very recent) article in the Guardian about a man who has and continues to suffer sexual deprivation at the hands of his narrow minded partner, I felt sad enough to blog my thoughts on the matter.

As a recap, a man who would like his female partner to use sex toys on him anally, as part of their sex life, discovered that she didn’t want to. Not only did she not want to, she found the idea ‘distasteful’, accused him of being ‘perverted’ or a ‘closet homosexual’ as well as being reluctant to now even have sex with him.

The mention of her even threatening to tell their mutual friends about this issue, without his consent, is utterly abhorrent.

I find it absolutely amazing that in this day and age women (or anyone) could be so closed minded about what is a well known pleasure spot for men. I have even written recently about whether enjoying male sex toys or prostate massage makes you gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with you being gay, but you know. Some people aren’t and that’s ok too.

I disagree with the ‘agony aunt’ in the Guardian article that he should just ‘back off.’ Even if he agrees not to pursue the desire to engage in his anal stimulation needs with her, she obviously has some serious attitude adjustment to take on board. Her opinions are ill-informed and insulting, to say the least.

In fact I got the distinct impression that the respondent to this question almost agreed with the female partner, which is a shame.

I seriously hope that the unfulfilled man in question is at least able to find anal stimulation satisfaction on his own, whether by using butt plugs during masturbation or carrying out his own prostate massage.

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  1. I must admit, I felt the same about his partner but couldn’t help thinking that he probably helped her to form this judgement by mentioning that he did it with his ex girlfriend- lots of women can feel insulted by this type of thing, mainly down to the assumption that he might want her to be more like his ex girlfriend because he has mentioned that he liked it when his ex did that. However, she should have spoken about it like an adult with him, and quietly raised her concerns…

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