Facebook business pages: comfort equals success

growthI’ve just been talking about the importance of being sociable even on professional social media. Business pages on Facebook, for instance.

Companies sometimes fall into the trap of thinking, “why bother saying something that’s not selling anything, that’s just inanely chatty? Surely it’s not doing anything for our business?”

Think about it this way. You wouldn’t choose to have a picnic next to a billboard, would you?

No-one wants to chill out in, or more importantly return to, an area which is solely advertising. A likeable area needs to provide a service. In this age of digital marketing, engaging an audience as a community is more important than providing a functional shop window. Sometimes all business pages can hope for is that their posts are entertaining, engaging, funny or sexy.

This also makes the page or post shareable, the holy grail of professional social media.

Using an analogy in a similar vein to the billboard, people regularly visit coffee shops. Why? Because they’re comfortable, they have wi-fi, they might have a TV on the wall. There are newspapers provided to read along with your coffee. Also, they sell coffee, as a side point. You’re more likely to visit one and buy a coffee because it’s a nice place to be, rather than due to the carefully placed adverts dotted around.

Sure, people drop in and buy coffee when they want coffee, but the cultural trend is due to coffee shops being a comfort zone rather than a shop shelf.

In my opinion, it’s something businesses need to think about and carefully consider.

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