Hey, sex toy shops – are you up to my cheap challenge for June?


My challenge for June is to find a sex toy which retails for less than £5 at it’s usual price –  not sale or clearance price – which I would actually enjoy.

It can be vaginal, anal, dual stimulator, rabbit, couples, cock ring – the only stipulation is that it’s a sex toy. Not fetish equipment or kink, or lube – a sex toy to be used during masturbation or sex.

A sex toy for under a fiver would barely cost you anything – probably only a few pence over the postage, in return for my site review and links. Pretty good deal, frankly. If you have a small sex toy company, website or just dropship, this is a way to get your site noticed and kick off your customer reviews. If you’re an established store, it’s a way for some of the lesser wished for items to receive an honest review.

Can this challenge be beaten? Can there be a £5 or less sex toy which exists which isn’t made entirely of suck? Or do sex toys have to be £50+ to be enjoyable?

If you think you have something I’d like, contact me here. All sex toys received will receive a full and honest customer review, with links.


I look forward to your offerings!

Cara Sutra


The June Challenge Reviews:

Review #1: Max Passion Pocket Rocket Vibrator
Review #2: Ultra Climax Purple Classic Vibrator
Review #3: Loving Joy Disposable Vibrating Cock Ring
Review #4: Lovehoney Powerful Mini G-Spot Vibrator
Review #5: Pipedream Handy Man Masturbation Sleeve
Review #6: Screaming O Ling O Tongue Ring

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