Kiss, suck, inhale: the truth about foot fetish

Bare feet for foot fetish

Foot fetish must be one of the most popular and famous fetishes both within BDSM and kink and outside of it. Certainly much attention is given to women’s feet in particular, by men predominantly.

I would say that foot or feet fetish incorporates everything to do with the woman’s feet, that is to say both bare feet and toes as well as feet clad in gorgeous shoes, high heels and boots.

So why do men in particular crave being trampled by a women’s feet, to kiss her soles, suck on her high heels or to beg at the foot of a thigh boot clad Goddess?

There is a certain amount of psychology behind foot fetish, as with all fetishes in my opinion. The foot is arguably a symbol for a dirty area of the body, without being sexual in and of itself. The foot connects with the floor, an unhygienic territory.

As for feet decorated in high heels, there is a little extra. Perhaps mostly due to cultural indoctrination with the high heel being a symbol of femininity, beauty and in some cases, even power (breaking glass ceilings, 80s power dressing and the like), the high heeled foot is a source of orgasmic pleasure for many a man. High heels also cause the woman’s leg to look lengthened, more slender and more toned. Heels also cause women to walk differently, with a more pronounced hip sway, drawing a subconscious attention to the nature of a woman’s fertility, stirring base and carnal longings for copulation for reproduction, the centre of a male’s psyche and indeed human psyche for both genders.


I believe all sexual attraction comes down to many subconsious primitive drives to reproduce, from the redness of the lips – marked by lipstick and replicating the rush of blood to the labia – to the lure and lechery of ‘tits’, ‘boobs’ and ‘jugs’ – the woman’s breasts, a source of nutrients and food for any offspring of the copulation and an outward sign of the woman’s fertility and readiness to have children. Even a round butt displays the wideness of the hips, ie the wideness of the pelvis which the children are born through.

So, back to feet and shoes. High heels draw all of those subconsious urges together as the walk of the woman will exaggerate her sexual allure and features to the man. Even the slight undertone of vulnerability – her inability to run and a definite non-athletic stance – in high heels will appeal to the protective male nature over the physically weaker (in general) female persona and incite sexual urges at the same time.

Foot fetish is one I particularly enjy taking advantage of. For there is no doubt about it, Mistresses and Dominatrices take advantage of the male’s desire for female foot worship. It’s a fun pastime. It is non-sexual, for me anyway, and for for many submissives I will not allow any physical contact above the ankle. That limit just serves to drive their sexual desire even higher. It probably doesn’t help/helps more that they are not allowed to have sex, masturbate or have any orgasms while under My control, unless I expressly allow it.


I have mentioned men in this post, desiring female feet and shoes, but don’t all hop aboard the gender lynch express. I am aware that there will be many women who wish to worship men’s feet, women to women, men to men. I write about my personal experiences and as a Mistress in the fetish scene who only Dominates male submissives, my personal experience is of men who wish to worship a Female’s feet and heels. In the past I have had a female submissive who was quite taken with my feet and heels.

Being alternative myself, I welcome breaks in tradition, cross dressing, gender queer persons, control and power exchange and all the interesting facets and nuances of any and every sexuality. This doesn’t mean ignoring the fact that there is still a ‘majority’ in a certain way, and many also mistakenly use the term ‘normal’ when they really mean to use the term ‘traditionally’ or ‘majorly’.

As you all know, I do love my shoes. They are the most popular gift for me from my wishlists and thigh boots in particular, or 6 inch stripper heels, to fall in line with the traditional stereotype of a Dominatrix or Mistress look. For the ultimate in foot fetishism, I accept foot worship whatever footwear I have on and like to rest my bare feet over a face up submissive’s face as they are lying on the floor beneath me as a personal footstool. Especially if they are not allowed to open their mouth at any time. Just to lie and inhale.

In conclusion, foot fetishism and high heel worship is an enjoyable and more importantly, understandable part of the kink scene. Do you have a longing for the fragrance of feet or to suck some extra high heels?

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