Competition: SEXERCISE yourself slim with £100 of free sex toys, condoms & lube!

The Sexercise Body Fitness Regime

Are you ready for summer? Do you have a beach body that you’ll be proud to display in a bikini or skimpy swimsuit?

No, me neither. BUT (and it’s a big butt that cannot lie) Durex have come up with a stimulating and fun alternative to going down the gym every night of the week. Just hop into bed and do some Sexercise!

Sexercise poster

Did you know that sexual activities can burn calories and also tone up your body at the same time? It’s not like you needed any further reason to want to get down and dirty with your lover, I know. Getting a fit and trim body through Sexercise is just a bonus!

As well as toning you up making you fitter, more confident and happier with your body, engaging in a sexual practice daily keeps your relationship magic alive and helps keep things intimate between you and your partner. Win-win. It’s a complete no-brainer and I have even done a little research into how many calories various sexual activities burn. It will of course depend on your personal weight and how vigorously you do these activities, but it’s a great guideline to start.

Sexual Activity Calorie Burning Chart

Undressing yourself (or each other, preferably): 8-10 calories

Kissing, smooching and snogging: 68 calories an hour

Erotic massage: 80-100 calories an hour

Actually having sex: 150 calories every half hour. That’s 300 if you keep it up (heh heh) for an hour!

Oral sex, blow jobs, cunnilingus: 100 calories every half hour

Manual stimulation and using your hands: 100 calories an hour

Rampant fondling, groping and frottage: 238 calories every half hour

Romantic dancing: 103 calories every half hour

So there you have it, your new exercise regime so you’ll be ready for summer – sorry, Sexercise regime!

Hmm something’s missing. You need a bundle of buzzies and lube to help! Well it just so happens that the lovely people at Durex have provided a fantastic free sex toys, condoms and sex lubricant bundle for one of my lucky readers to win. They even come with a free Sexercise poster to give you some fab positions to try out, your very own mini Kama Sutra that you can put on the bedroom wall and keep you both focussed.

What can you win?


Up for grabs is:

A Durex Sexercise poster – complete with a variety of sex positions to enjoy experimenting with
Durex 2 in 1 Massage Gel and Lubricant with Aloe Vera 200ml
Durex Tingle Me condoms with minty lube x 12
Durex Tickle Me condoms with ribbing x 12
Durex Pleasure Me condoms with ribs and dots x12
Durex Thin Feel condoms for extra sensitivity x12
Durex Play Tingle tingling sex lubricant 50ml
Durex Play Warming sex lubricant 50ml
Durex Play Sweet Strawberry flavoured sex lubricant 50ml
Durex Play Pina Colada flavoured sex lubricant 50ml
Durex Play Passion Fruit flavoured sex lubricant 50ml
Durex Play Vibrations vibrating couples cock ring
Durex Play Pleasure Touch Vibrations finger tip vibrator
Durex Play Delight Vibrating Bullet vibrator
Durex Play Little Devil Vibrating Cock Ring

The total price of this bundle if bought separately would come to approximately £100 even without the poster and promotional goody bag. That’s an amazing £100 worth of sexy goodies you could win just by entering this competition!


How do you enter?

FIRST tweet the following:

I want to win £100 of free sex toys, condoms & lube from @TheCaraSutra & Durex here

THEN comment on this forum post that you’ve entered so I know exactly who is in the running!

nb. If you’re not on Twitter just commenting on this forum post will suffice.

Who can enter & when does the competition end?

Competition ends Friday June 7th 9pm, winner selected Saturday 8th June.

Competition open internationally! Yes this is open to international readers, so whether you’re in the UK, USA, Australia or elsewhere, you can enter.

Good luck everyone – and get Sexercising!

Cara Sutra x


  1. It would be nice to win and have something new to take with me on my next visit to see my Sir. Entered! 😉 xxx

  2. Just getting into my exercise routine for the summer, so to follow the sexercise chart, even better! Good selection of goodies too! x

  3. I would love to win this incredi prize for both my Wife & I as it looks very interesting as well as an accessory to our busy schedules! It would definitely help us release any work stress and enable us to understand ourselves & each other better!
    With this we will be able to relive that magic of our past!

    I don’t have a website although my Twitter Name is ‘Gurdip Singh Sian ‘!
    My email account is ‘’!

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