Where’s Wally’s Sex Toy

Where’s Wally’s Sex Toy?

For Toy With Me Tuesday

For Toy with Me Tuesday this week I decided on a red and white sex toy, the Capsula Butt Plug from the BS is Nice crew. With some clothing in the background and the Where’s Wally logo I think it looks pretty good! So, Where’s Wally’s Sex Toy?

where's wally's sex toy

Yes, this is undoubtedly the easiest of the series.

Excerpt from my BS is Nice Capsula butt plug review:

“…the BS is Nice Capsula Butt Plug is made from 100% silicone, which is free from phthalates and latex as well as being non-porous. Seeing as I had a lighter handy, I flame tested the base and I just got a minimal residue of white ash, with no harm to the silicone at all.

The total length of the BS is Nice Capsula Butt Plug is 4 inches, while the insertable part measures just under 3 inches in length. It is great for beginners to anal toys and the circumference stays the same down the insertable length, at 3.6 inches.

The tablet part of the BS is Nice Capsula Butt Plug leads to a slender but resilient stem, finished with a round, flared, flat base. This keeps the plug from disappearing up inside you. The base also acts as a suction cup, meaning you can attach the plug to a smooth or tiled surface, say the bottom of a bath, the shower wall or a kitchen side (hey I’m not here to judge; lock the doors and get the Flash spray ready).”

Could you make one of your sex toys blend into an everyday background? Perhaps you have a sex toy which puts my Where’s Wally’s Sex Toy piece to shame. Why not let me know where you’ve blogged yours, in the comments below.

Until next time, sex toy fans!


where's wally's sex toy

where's wally's sex toy

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  1. Ha! Great image, also made me think is stripy seaside deck chairs… a far off distant memory of summer time!


    • Thanks! Yes, summer is far too far away at the moment. I guess it does give us time to work on the ‘bikini body’.. lol

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