The Evolution of Women’s Sex Toys

The Evolution of Women’s Sex Toys

An overview of the evolution of women’s sex toys

For many decades in the past, society viewed sex toys for either men or women as almost entirely taboo. Vibrators for women were the cause of both giggles and derisive scorn, while men who required or desired the use of sex toys would be regarded as somewhat lacking in masculinity.

The only places where you could purchase a women’s sex toy would be by daring to enter a dingy back alley private shop, where hardcore porn DVDs wallpapered the walls and your choice of vibrator was limited to veiny, very veiny or monstrously veiny, the fake plastic penises screaming a silent accusation that you definitely don’t have enough ‘real man’ in your life.

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Meanwhile, men who were with women who wanted to use a sex toy or one of these replacement penis vibrators were sadly encouraged to feel dismissed, replaced or somehow less than a man.

Thankfully, that has now changed as sex education opens the eyes and minds of society as a whole and we welcome sex toys into our solo and shared sex lives with both confidence and an on-going curiosity.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-9182" src="" alt="sextoys for women" width="600" height="139" />With Sex & the City paving the way for the Jessica Rabbit to become one of the best selling women’s sex toys of all time, as well as nationwide home sex toy parties from a certain high street chain, women are now doing it for themselves with stylish sex toys and bedroom companions that enhance sexual pleasure without attempting to replace the human touch.

As society as a whole embraced the fact that more women were coming out of their sexual shells, demanding a better sex life and orgasms whenever they so wished, so more companies, brands and manufacturers had to step up to the plate and provide better sex toys for women. The majority of women do not climax through vaginal penetration alone, so anatomical enlightenment was required in order to design and style sex toys that women would both want to purchase and then be efficient in their intended use.

Women continued to demand more power, greater versatility, complete discretion, low prices and enviable style in their sex toys and vibrators. There is now even a sex toys ‘elite’ with high end, designer and luxury brands such as LELO, Jimmyjane, We-Vibe and Je Joue amongst others.

Thousands of discerning women with a newfound appetite for only the most toe-curling of orgasms are now disregarding the faceless and shame-inducing patronisation of the back street sex toy solicitations, with their sole choice of either a fake penis or a phthalates laden jelly rabbit.

Instead, topping sex toy wishlists worldwide are stylish rechargeable sex toys, waterproof vibrators and medical grade silicone beauties with your choice of vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, G-spot location and pleasure as well as all of the above and more.

Partners have not been left out in the cold during this evolution of women’s sex toys either. Yes, masturbation is now widely accepted as a healthy part of adult life but sex toys have not had the intent of being a replacement to a sex life either. Rather, they complement a strong and healthy libido.

Women’s vibrators and couples sex toys can help men and women discover new ways to play together by selecting a sex toy to spice up foreplay or even purchasing a wearable sex toy to enhance sexual intercourse, such as the LELO Tor 2 cock ring or the We-Vibe 3 couples rechargeable vibrator.

The steady and irrefutable increase in the popularity of sex toys amongst women and couples is thanks to changes in society from media impact as well as manufacturers then meeting women’s needs after women speak out through private feedback or customer sex toy reviews. It is also thanks to sex toy shops such as who personally handpick and  select only the finest, most efficient sex toys to showcase for their customers.

ohtique know that their discerning and largely female clientele will not be satisfied with any less than the best in terms of women’s sex toys and other bedroom accessories. You can find low priced sex toys, luxury vibrators and various kinky and bondage restraints to enhance couples pleasure and achieve a better sex life here at ohtique.

ohtique offer women a shopping experience different to the wealth of other sex toy shopping websites out there, by providing a smaller, carefully selected range of sex toys which will appeal to the modern woman on the go.

Prices start at just £1.50, your sex toys will be professionally and discreetly wrapped and all orders over £30 to the UK receive free postage too.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take advantage of the wealth of stylish and powerful women’s sex toys that are now available and add the best to your collection with the help of ohtique, the erotic boutique for modern women.

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  1. Things are getting better, but they definitely still have a ways to go. My parent’s generation are still pretty quiet for the most part about their sexuality, and probably will remain to be. I look forward to our generation and future ones for possessing a greater openness, acceptance, healthy sex toys & awesome orgasms 🙂

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