Just Two Girls

Just Two Girls

Things I remember

Her taking my hand and dragging me so determinedly towards her room
Tugging at my clothes, becoming naked in under a minute
just two girlsHer hands on me everywhere, lips to my neck and fingers brushing over my nipples, down and delving inside my pussy
Stepping into the hot, pink bath together, Lush wisps swirling into the candlelit air
Meeping and stepping back on to the flat bath edge… too hot. Even for us
Slowly lowering ourselves into the higher water level, threatening to cascade over the sides
Water lapping at our bodies, our fingers entwined, facing each other
Hot water stroking over aroused nipples, submerged in heat then exposed to the softly lit room, contrasting with fingers thrusting…
Long tresses both, trailing in the water, wild, unbound, free
Voices sultry, eyes flashing with desire, provocative phrases, promises coming to life
Stepping out together, warm towels wrapped. Tip toeing and dripping across rooms, corridors; a melting blur of unimportance
Knocking the door gently closed with a foot behind me, she leads the way to the bed
Sweeping the ephemera to the floor, uncaring of mess, caring about us now, together
Laying down towels, dampness will ensue; then the certain gushing torrents
Kisses gentle, then tugging with kitten teeth, biting at lips, trailing to soft necks
Breasts together, pressing close, firm, warm and moist
Confidence rises, I can do this. Moving to between her legs, spreading her apart
Flat of my tongue, a swift lick up the centre of her velvet opening, tongue tip prising apart and dipping into the honey
Swirling upwards, seeking out that quickly hardening nub, teasing gently, then stronger
Fingers following, inserting, probing, impaling
One, two, three
Tongue flat, hard. Tongue pointed, quick flicks. Alternate. Pleasure. Tangible. Release.
Curl fingers to beckon the little death, calling to her dark side
Rub hard, rub confident – come to me, come for me
Whispering commands around a tongue that hasn’t forgotten after all, above fingers that paint your ecstasy
Once not enough, nor is twice- but you beg and whimper, squirming away – a glow suffuses us both
My turn? But I am so difficult…
Thrusting her hand into me as she looks at me and enjoys my mewling and miaowing, the squirming and hips raising and humping the air
My sighs and squeaks, my shyness spreading a blush over my face even as my body betrays
Giving over my naked form, as imperfect as it is, for her
Reconnecting, finding pleasure, finding peace.



just two girls

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