How To Get A Bigger Penis: Penis Enlargement Tips

How To Get A Bigger Penis: Penis Enlargement Tips

Wondering how to get a bigger penis? Enjoy this thorough advice article where I answer a reader’s question with a selection of penis enlargement tips.

Tips & Advice

Dear Cara: How can I get a bigger penis? There are loads of products on the web but I’m not sure which one to try – please help!

Penis Enlargement TipsThanks for your question! There are indeed many products for penis enlargement and enhancement (aka how you get a bigger penis) out there, all aimed at men who really desire more length and girth in the trouser department, as it were.

There are creams, pills and penis pumps for penis enlargement and they all have a different method of use. I also believe they have varying levels of success; from ‘none’ to ‘some’.

You can add a small amount of length and girth to your penis with products you can buy, however you can’t change nature too much without surgery. Like any other muscle in your body you can exercise it to make it slightly bigger, but you can’t expect to end up with a 10 inch long, 2 inch wide penis from rubbing a cream on to a 5 inch long, 0.5 inch wide one.

Proven Devices (& What To Avoid)

From feedback, customer reviews and knowledge about the way these products work, I would recommend trying a proven and scientific device such as the Andro Male Penis Enlarger. These work by stretching the penis on a daily basis and come with a free training schedule that you can log into online.

I would avoid the cheaper, albeit easier options of creams and ‘herbal pills’ – these generally have no proven effects and you’re using them on a wish and a prayer. Any size increase from rubbing a cream on your penis I would say is from the action of rubbing the cream on – not from any magic ingredients.

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You may as well just enjoy an intimate massage from your lover and end up with a rock hard erection by the end of it. Same as the penis extension sleeves… your lover will be able to tell it is a sleeve you have stuck over the end of your penis, therefore drawing even more attention to your personal issue, as well as it possibly falling off anyway mid session and not giving you or your lover the intimacy from normal sex.

Yes, the medical style penis enlargement devices are a bit more costly – but they really are the only things you can buy from the web which have any proven results. Once again though, we are talking a small amount of increase, not from mouse to stallion by any means.

I would recommend the Andro Medical Penis Enlargement System, which has honest, positive customer feedback and works on a system of traction and follows the laws of physics – not magic ingredients!

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What About Penis Pumps?

Penis Enlargement TipsPenis pumps on the other hand work by providing a suction stimulation to the penis, by way of the vacuum around the penis when you place it into a rigid cylinder. The suction pressure is delivered by a medical style hand pump or an easy grip handle design. They can come with silicone or soft ‘doughnuts’ or entrance rings to help get a perfect air tight fit and maximise your comfort during use. Use water based lubricant to aid your comfort even more.

The suction draws the blood into the shaft, stimulating and encouraging tissue and muscle growth in that area. When used regularly (as in, at least a couple of times a day) you can see a small increase in size over time. Bathmate are a strongly recommended brand and have consistently high ratings from customers – click to read all our Bathmate reviews.

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Medical Advice & Recommendations

If you have a real issue with the size of your penis, I would recommend seeing a doctor about it – is the inch or so difference you might gain from these products really going to make you feel better?

Another question to ask yourself is – are you wanting a bigger penis because this is an issue you have with yourself, or because of someone else? I believe that physical changes should be thought about very carefully and never done just because you feel any external pressure.

Perhaps the best thing would be to work on your personal confidence, which comes from within. Learn about how to please your lover thoroughly, not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically too.

Trust me, it won’t matter what size your penis is once you are both feeling confident, happy and fulfilled with your relationship and the improved sex life that goes along with it.


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