Fetish Friday: My new slave, the rubber gimp

gimphood3I have recently acquired a rubber gimp. We haven’t actually met in person yet, we are chatting on messenger and exchanging ideas. He is mostly confirming how much of a useless waste of space he is, only useful as a piece of furniture or amusing cuck for Mistress.

His main obsession is with bondage hoods, total sensory deprivation as well as rubber or leather sleep sacks. Those all enclosing black sacks with the addition of metal D rings or O-rings to attach rope to, for a delicious extra tightness threading the rope through or for suspension options.

We plan to meet in June. He lives way down the other end of the UK in Devon, which is a shame. He will travel up to see me, of course. Take me for a coffee, maybe some lunch. I will save the cocktails that he will be buying for me for the second of third visit. Clear head for Mistress, to see whether he is a worthy investment of my time training him to become everything I’d want. Everything that he could hope to become to please me and be moulded to my desires.

He is over 40 and still a virgin. In the mainstream world, being a virgin is nothing to be ashamed of, of course. Having sex does not make or break a person – in character anyway. It can break them emotionally if they need it so much that it affects their life. From a FemDom perspective, it is everything he should be ashamed about. It is used at every opportunity to embarrass him, humiliate him, subjugate him to evil laughter and make him an object of complete and utter derision for him being a useless failure in life. No woman will ever want him. He will never have a girlfriend, all he can hope for is to be of some use to a Mistress.

gimphood2I have a picture of him but it doesn’t matter what he looks like. I have no interest in his appearance and to be honest, when we have sessions together it’s not like I am going to see that much of him when he’s locked in a bondage sleep sack and sensory deprivation hood. I don’t even care what his name is, he is merely gimp.

I have removed his orgasm from him; that is to say he is not allowed to touch himself for sexual pleasure without begging for permission which will of course be denied. In time he will be conditioned that his orgasm is wrong and he will empty his disgusting male area by way of prostate massage and milking. Which he can do. I have no desire to go up there on him thank you very much.

The idea of sexual contact with a submissive male actually repulses me.

The long term slave I have at the moment is more for sissification, domestic chores, maid training, chastity, cuckoldry. It will be a nice change to have the option of a slave who is entirely encased and just an object to use.


I quite fancy having a bound, hooded slave as a table/footstool. For my friends and lovers and I to be enjoying an adult evening, waited on my the maid and for him to be on all fours, uncomfortable in a hot latex body suit, ankles cuffed together, spreader bar between wrists. Total sensory deprivation hood in place, with sight removed by the blindfold attachment and the stubby penis gag locked into his mouth.

A posture collar beneath the hood to keep his head upright, no slacking allowed.

He’ll be there for hours, no food or drink, no toilet breaks nothing. Just suffering. Being able to just about hear the comments, the laughter. Talking about him like he’s not there and of course he won’t be, he will just be furniture, lower even than the household pets.

He will never have a girlfriend, no girl will ever want him, be able to respect a mere rubber gimp. He’s lucky I even consider using him to put my boots on top of as I’m relaxing.

Our flesh will never meet, there will always be the barrier of leather between. His lips to my boots, his lips to my leather gloved hand. We will never touch. The thought of his male slave skin touching mine disgusts me.

Which of course, is everything he wants and more. Yes, he’s very lucky.

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Fetish Friday


  1. Love this great piece! I am feeling very much so inclined to your way of thinking about my sub as much as he fantasises about actually touching me it repulses me time to set out some new conditions!

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