60 Day Vibe Chastity: The Route Back To Manual Orgasm

60 Day Vibe Chastity Challenge

By Cara Sutra

Why am I talking about a 60 day vibe chastity challenge? After reviewing the Palm Power Wand earlier today, an interesting point came up in convo on Twitter. A fellow blogger’s personal route back to a manual orgasm only came after a set time away from vibrating sex toys. I must confess that I do find it difficult to orgasm without the help of vibrations against my clitoris these days, if not impossible. In fact the numbing of the clitoris has become such that I have required stronger and stronger sex toys – in vibration intensity- to help me achieve that ever more elusive climax.

The solution? Well I have done it before and it’s difficult but not impossible. Time away from vibrations.

60 Day Vibe Chastity Challenge Sex Toy Dependence to Manual Orgasm


I know what you’re thinking – is this possible? For me? At all? Well it is going to have to be. I don’t want to be a slave to clitoral vibration forever, I would like to be able to enjoy manual stimulation too, as much as I do love my clit toys.

Follow me as I chart my journey back to manual orgasm with the 60 Day Vibe Chastity Challenge – hashtag on Twitter #60DayVibeChastity

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Please wish me the best of luck… here goes!


9 April 2013 8pm: Quite feel like having an orgasm tonight, but as the 60 Day Vibe Chastity has just started, it’s not too bad. I can at least have sex… this can’t be too difficult, right?

10 April 2.20pm: I won’t lie, I could do with escaping somewhere private right now and vibrating myself to climax. I think I use my vibrators like most people have fag breaks. Not too difficult at the moment. Didn’t end up having sex last night… too tired and fell asleep! Bad sex kitten.

11 April 3pm: Getting steadily harder to avoid my extra powerful Palm Power vibrator. ~heavy sigh~ Plenty of dreams last night about rampant and rather violent sex, unaided by reading Best Women’s Erotica 2013 before bed, no doubt. Curse you, Cleis Press and Violet Blue. “I could fuck a cannon” indeed. Aching…

12 April 5.30pm: Had a very penis based dream last night. Lots of penis. I blame the lack of an orgasm. Hmmm. Surely I can’t be getting that bad at only 4 days in? Well, certainly seems like it.

A waist high, heavy set wooden table. Stretched over the table, cheek flat to the grain. Legs spread and metal restraints holding my ankles to the thick table legs, set above my 6 inch heels. I wear only the tightest laced under bust corset and lace top, fishnet stockings, other than the heels. Arms stretched ahead of me, tied together and held in place by a sturdy metal ring on the underneath, far side of the table. Stretches and taut. 

A little tear escapes, as I hear the waiting queue being finally let in. Not from my eyes. He’ll want to savour those mascara tinted streaks for himself later. After everything.

14 April 1pm: Couple of nights ago.. had sex. Yesterday and today, legs still aching. It was oh so good. I really wanted to reach for the vibrator afterwards though to ‘finish things off’ and have an orgasm but of course, I didn’t. I’m being a good girl and sticking with the plan. It’s getting more difficult. I must share some of my latest dreams with you soon, too…

 15 April 8.15pm: Wow so strange news today, but good news too! Woke from many different dreams last night… some nightmares as usual… but amongst all was a strong lesbian dream. Plenty of licking… half woke thinking I was having an orgasm but it was a dream orgasm. I don’t know if any of you have experienced it, where you feel like you’re having an orgasm but you’re asleep. You don’t have that muscle relaxation when you wake, so it can’t be a real one… just the mental feeling of being stimulated to that point.

Later in the day my man very unfairly teased me with … well let’s just say ‘manual stimulation’. Not sex, just fingers and rubs and just left me. Cruel, really. I found my favourite glass dildo a few hours later, when looking for some rope and a realistic penis dildo for work – yes, honestly. I immediately wanted to try my glass dildo of course. Hey, it doesn’t vibrate, I’m allowed. In my bathroom box of tricks I have a glass butt plug, a large one… so of course I combined the two. As they’re both glass I used silicone lube and with them both in place I took my fingers for a walk over my clit. Slipping and sliding and rubbing… and anyway, long story short, I had an orgasm without vibrations!

60 Day Vibe Chastity Challenge Sex Toy Dependence to Manual Orgasm 60 Day Vibe Chastity Challenge Sex Toy Dependence to Manual Orgasm

I thought it would take a lot longer… but it turns out I can still orgasm without vibration but I do need everything seen to at once. Anal, vaginal and clitoral. Not greedy much. I do orgasm sometimes through rough and violent anal sex. Perhaps my wiring is completely wrong or I’m just a born anal whore, who knows.

ANYWAY I am considering doing the rest of the 60 Day Vibe Chastity Challenge without sex toys at all to see if I can orgasm just from finger masturbation over my clit using some lubricant. What do you guys and gals think? Should I? Think I could?

Please comment!

17 April 1.30pm: I’ve felt a lot more relaxed since the manual orgasm. I have decided to wean off the rest of sex toys slowly and see if I can increase my chances of another manual orgasm, with less and less sex toys involved. First thing off the list is anal toys, as they seem to influence it quite a lot.

So for my next trick – a manual orgasm using static sex toys, possibly – with no anal toys. Hope that makes sense. Basically a dildo vaginally and some lube and fingers to the clit. I’ll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

18 April 4.30pm: ~deep breath~ Really feeling the need for another orgasm. Tried out the Verspanken as part of foreplay with the man last night, which went well. He would have come except for the fact that I wanted it inside me, so I removed it from him and hopped aboard. As you do. Anyway – I will get to that in more detail in the upcoming review.

Feeling a bit unsure whether I will have an orgasm soon or not, without the help of an anal toy. I will try when I get some decent time to myself. Having the most sordid thoughts travelling through my head, without even trying. On top of which I have a pile of erotica to read – really not helping! Or maybe it is. Oh I don’t even know anymore. ~sighs~

23 April 8.34pm: Hmmm. No more orgasms since that one. I’ve been slightly put off by the fact that I think I will need some anal stimulation along with clitoral. And vaginal. I am such a greedy bitch.

Luckily (or not) I have been insanely busy – yes I know, as usual – so I haven’t had much of a chance to think about it either over the past few days. Until now. Oh I have been having gorgeous and wonderful and violent sex which is absolutely amazing. But no vibrators, no vibrating sex toys and no anal sex toys, even static. I think I am going to have to book some ‘me time’ tomorrow.

Very tired right now. Feeling rather dazed after the dentist ravaged my mouth today. No, not in a naughty way. In an ouch way. I also need some time alone with my girl again – perhaps a bath session once again? We’ll see.

1 May 3.38pm: Not very sexy at all but I have been too tired from writings for any sexual feel … but I have a bathdate night planned for Saturday with my girl so we will see what happens there. No sex toys – just very inquisitive and highly skilled fingers. Delicious…

5 May 2pm: My lady was ill so no bathdate this weekend 🙁 ah well. I’ve also been really sad and counted up from the start of this 60 Day Vibe Chastity to see how much longer there is to go. I can’t use vibes until 8 June! At least I will be able to take some to the ETO show 😉

 8 May 3.39pm: So I broke today. Things have just been so stressful (yes, here come the excuses) that I actually needed an orgasm and I didn’t want to work for it. The iGino won. iFail.  (That thing is awesome by the way.)

24 May 3.14pm (Pi time!): Yeah the 60 Day Vibe Chastity is well and truly over, for me in any case. I held out a few more days but with the family stresses, bereavement that’s happened and everything after that, I have really needed to be able to slip away and ease off the stress with a vibe and orgasm or three!

I might start this 60 Day Vibe Chastity challenge once more when things have settled a bit here – and when I have finished testing and reviewing my big pile of vibrators I had waiting.


Have you had any time off vibrating sex toys? Would you try the 60 Day Vibe Chastity challenge? Let me know about your experiences, it will be good to compare notes.

60 Day Vibe Chastity Challenge Sex Toy Dependence to Manual Orgasm

60 Day Vibe Chastity Challenge Sex Toy Dependence to Manual Orgasm

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  1. Good luck on your journey. We are doing a race to 100 orgasms with some other bloggers, otherwise I may attempt no vibrators. Can’t wait to follow along and see how you journey goes.

  2. Hi Cara, I’ve just been talking to Emily about this. It took me by surprise as it seemed to suggest that somehow coming via a vibe is somehow inferior to using fingers, and it reminded me uncomfortably of the old nonsense about vaginal-orgasms-good, clitoral-orgasms-bad. I know that’s not your intention, but it does read that way. Might be worth making it clear that that’s not what you mean?

    • That’s not my intention at all. However the inability to be able to orgasm due to manual stimulation or stimulation from a partner does encroach upon the pleasure gleaned from using a vibrator. If your orgasms solely come from vibrator use, then a desire to regain the ability to orgasm through other methods is hopefully understandable.

  3. Good luck! I’ve been watching you on Twitter.. okay, that sounds stalkerish.
    I like the idea, I’m definitely becoming an addict to my palm power! I fear I shall also soon lose the feeling in my clit. Especially if I keep using the higher setting!
    60 days is a long time. Looking forward to seeing your progress and whether it helps regain some sensitivity

    • I think you may have missed the point. This was an abstinence from vibrators and vibrating sex toys, in order to re-find my orgasm through other means. I have done so, today. I thought it would take longer.
      It was not an abstinence from orgasms for 60 days, quite the opposite. I was consciously trying to orgasm, but not with the use of vibrating sex toys. I had developed a dependency on them to orgasm. I am happy to report that I orgasmed today without the use of a vibrating sex toy. I hope this makes it easier to understand.

  4. I keep checking back on this. Really interested to see how it goes. I too can often (50/50) not reach orgasm from manual stimulation. Sometimes it is just too much like hard work and sometimes my partner isn’t quite hitting the spot which I put down to desensitization from vibes because when I am horny (Like really horny) he can make me orgasm no matter if he misses the spot or not so yeh, interesting. Glad to see you reached a different kind of orgasm. Ok it might of needed the full works Cara but don’t be hard on yourself. You orgasmed without a vibe. That is a massive start. I’ll keep checking back x

  5. When I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify
    me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on
    each time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the same comment.
    There has to be a way you are able to remove me from that service?

    • Hello!

      Sorry to hear this…

      The emails you get with the notification of new comment, that should have an ‘unsubscribe from this thread’ or similar on the end?

      I am looking into this further though, but let me know.

      – Cara Sutra

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