Sexy Health Check Week from Desire and Pleasure

Sexy Health Check Week

from Desire and Pleasure

Sexy Health Check Week from Desire and Pleasure

Desire and Pleasure, the online sex toy website run by sexual health charity FPA, have today launched a new Sexy Health Check Week – a campaign aimed at encouraging couples to make health checks an every day part of a their sex lives to help keep their partner healthy.

Sexual partners are in a great position to spot changes in their lover’s body no matter how big or small.

Issues could be minor such as hygiene, smells, weight changes, skin rashes allergies or more serious symptoms for testicular and breast cancer.

This new initiative from Desire and Pleasure encourages couples to get to know their partner’s bodies and explains what changes to look for.

Our research shows that 23% of people say they have noticed minor changes on their own bodies, which has prompted them to go for a check-up with their doctor.

However, only 12% said that if they noticed any changes to their partner’s body, that they would tell them about it.

This was mainly due to embarrassment with over half (54%) citing this as the main reason for keeping quiet. Other reasons included not thinking it was important (27%) or not wanting to have an awkward conversation.

Natika H Halil, Director of Information for FPA says; “The aim of Sexy Health Check Week is to encourage couples to explore each other’s bodies and be open and honest with each other if they do notice anything.

There are so many campaigns out there for self-checks and self-diagnosis but nothing highlighting how knowing each others bodies as well as your own can be of benefit. Sex offers the perfect opportunity to do this, when couples are most intimate.”

When you are enjoying some fun in the bedroom, here are key things to keep in mind;

1. It’s better to be open and honest with your partner.

2. Talking about these things can be tricky, so choose a time to talk after you’ve had sex or been intimate.

3. They may be concerned by what you say but they’ll be grateful you’ve told them about it

You can read the full campaign advice guide on the Desire and Pleasure website


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