Is it Normal for a Man to Taste His Own Cum?

Is it Normal for a Man to Taste His Own Cum?

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Hella Rude Is it Normal for a Man to Taste His Own CumQ: Hiya, I got your email address off the Internet about sex advice. The question I’ve got is, what are your thoughts on a man tasting his own cum? Is it normal for a man to taste his own cum?

I hadn’t thought if it before till after a girl gave me head then asked me if I’d ever tasted my own cum. At first I thought it was weird or a bit gay, but now I’m curious as to how it will taste and the idea turns me on. Is this normal? Gay? Should more guys do this?

A: Most people will taste their own intimate fluids at some stage and it’s quite common to taste them out of curiosity. She may have been asking to see if you’re comfortable kissing after oral sex, which is how many men first taste their own juices… as it were.

It certainly isn’t gay. It’s down to the individual as to whether or not it’s something they’d like to try, but being comfortable about it will make things feel more natural after oral if she does want to kiss you.

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