Why I won’t be going to Eroticon 2013

eroticon 2013

Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to be there, soak up the atmosphere and network with people in the erotic writing sphere.

I just feel that with ticket prices so high (cheapest now seems to be £90 each for a single day), I feel I can put that money to better use.

It’s not that we (my girlfriend and I) couldn’t afford the ticket prices; more that I couldn’t really justify the ticket prices, petrol/train fare and probably a stay over locally too – when that money could be spent on the family. The children are obviously top priority!

I really hope that you all have much fun at Eroticon 2013, meeting up with old and new friends and enjoying being in the company of like-minded folk.

We will hopefully be attending ETO (the Erotic Trade Only show) where entrance is free and I can network with a few of you there.

Of course if any companies wish to sponsor us as Eroticon 2013 attendees, they would be more than welcome to contact me. *winks*


  1. Hi Cara,

    The cost of tickets put this kitty off going. £90 for a day is half of a county cricket season ticket, 2/3rds of a monthly travelcard and nearly a month’s food shopping. Bad Kitty may be new to formally sex blogging but right now that’s money that should be spent on more important things.

    There do not appear to be concession tickets either. There are disabled sex bloggers and temporarily jobless sex bloggers out there who would love to be part of this.

    As with any event there are costs to be covered, but £90 for a day ticket doesn’t strike me as a good investment.

    Bad Kitty looks forward to hearing from those who do attend and hopes they have a lovely time.

  2. I really wanted to go bu the £90.00 then the £40 train fare, a hotel too (min £50), food etc, I’m looking at £200 for 1 day.

    I’d rather spend half that on the ETO (travel and hotel) and mingle with folks like you and companies.

    But Eroticon is just too much

  3. I think I’m going to ETO this year, must grab a glass or 2 if I do!

    Sadly not going to Eroticon either the travel costs before tickets for me were over £200 🙁 was hoping to tie in a business trip to offset but alas hasn’t worked out that way.

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