Rise of HIV in gay men due to lack of condom use

Rise of HIV in gay men attributed to lack of condom use

HIV in gay men down to lack of condoms use

Researchers have reported that the recent rise of HIV in gay men and bisexual men across the UK is due to less and less of these groups of people using condoms.

The use of anti-retroviral drugs has helped to stem this tide, according to a study conducted by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) as well as several universities. From 1990-2010 there has been a 26% rise in the proportion of men who have sex with other men, who have not been using condoms.

HIV in gay men has continued to rise in recent times with the latest figures showing the cases among bi and gay men reaching a record high in the UK. The HPA have stated that nearly half of all HIV positive people diagnosed in the UK in 2011 were bi or gay men who were sexually active.

A shocking 1 in 20 sexually active bi or gay men are infected with HIV.

It has never been more important to be aware of and understand the dangers of sex – as well as the importance of safe sex. Although here we’re looking at the stats of HIV in gay men, safe sex and using condoms is of extreme importance for everyone.

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Don’t put yourself or any sexual partner in danger! Safe sex is the best sex.

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Source: BBC News: Health 16 January 2013

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