7 Steps To The Best Sex Of Your Life

Ready for the best sex of your life?

7 steps to a better sex life

Whether your sex life is standard or sizzling, achieving the best sex of your life is undeniably a tempting idea and admirable ambition for anyone. Want to know the best sex secrets? Read on as I explore 7 ways you can reach a better sex life:

7 ways to ensure the best sex of your lifeGood preparation is vital

Have everything within reach that you think you’ll possibly need. Condoms for safe sex, easy open lubricant, your best sex toys, blindfold and restraints. Preparation is vital for a smooth, interruption free session!

Keep up a good hygiene routine

Nobody likes getting down and dirty with someone who is, well… already dirty (in the bad way). It’s only fair and respectful of your partner that you make sure you are completely clean before sex (or even cuddles!) – not only in your sexual areas but all over. Not only will your partner be fully comfortable to play with you, you will also have higher confidence levels leading to better sex.

Show compassion and patience

Don’t rush yourself, or your partner. It doesn’t do anyone any good and only introduces pressure into what should be a fun and enjoyable situation. Unless of course you are both after a mutually agreed quickie, where time is indeed of the essence!

Make sure you’re both comfortable

Make carpet burns and bathroom tile mishaps (ouch) a thing of the past. Keep in mind the comfort of your partner as well as yourself. Is the surface they are lying or resting against completely comfortable? Perhaps you could make moving them to the bed part of your passionate endeavours? Even slipping a towel or cushion (check out these sex cushions by Liberator for a deluxe option) between them and a hard floor can make your partner feel truly cared for, cherished and loved.

Keep the lines of communication open

Don’t be afraid to talk! Sex is certainly not a time for silence. If you want something, or aren’t sure about something – say it. Sex is a learning curve for both partners but the only way to learn is to open up and put those questions to your partner. It doesn’t even have to be just during sex either; discussing bedroom desires and fantasies outside of the bedroom can give both partners more inspiration and material to work with next time.

Indulge in your own pleasure, too

Sex isn’t only about pleasing your partner, it’s for you too. Make sure you are enjoying the stimulation and the sexual session thoroughly. You are both having sex, you deserve to feel as much pleasure as the other person.

Be completely (but tactfully) honest

If something just isn’t working, it’s better to stop and change, rather than try to persevere and ruin what could be a great sex session. It doesn’t have to spell the end of the fun; try wording it in a positive rather than negative way. You may find you get a better response to, “oh I just adore it when you do this” rather than, “if you do that again I am going to leave you forever”.

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You will soon be enjoying the best sex of your life!


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