Journal: Skating at the roller disco

I went to the roller disco last Friday (11 January 2013) with my partner and a few of our small people, and really enjoyed it. It’s a weekly thing (allowing for illness & other unavoidable circumstance) so I hope to go again tonight.

Unlike my Harlot, I don’t think I am really a derby girl at heart. Some of that scene seems very bitchy and to be honest, I can be doing without any more of that in my life! Also, I really don’t have the thighs for the skimpy hot pants right now.

I may reassess the situation when (pfft yeah right) I get back into my size 8s.

I used to go roller skating on Saturdays at Fort Regent in Jersey, where I grew up. All traipsing up that huge hill to the leisure centre that isn’t really a leisure centre but actually a remnant of wartime fortresses on the little island. Who would put a leisure centre at the top of the biggest hill on the island apart from an utter sadist? By the time you’ve walked up the hill you’ve done your exercise already!

But anyway, I digress. Piling into the rotunda hall on a Saturday with -well let’s just say acquaintances, getting the skates on and whizzing round in a circle for a couple of hours. Slamming into the side boards as we didn’t know how to stop.

That excitement was captured once again last week, a good 16 years since. I felt sure I was going to be like Bambi on ice. Never mind the 16 years, I’ve also spent the last year pregnant and this was the first (vertical *snigger*) exercise I’d done since giving birth. My legs didn’t know what they were in for!

Took a while to be able to stand up on the skates, but eventually I managed; then spent a few moments in the corridor outside the hall of our local leisure centre here in Lincolnshire just travelling from one side to the other, doing the zombie. Arms outstretched, legs straight. Don’t get in my way, I’ll skate over you. Ha.

Actually, I wasn’t too bad.

Once in the main roller disco hall (which incidentally is the same place Harlot does her derby training) I was able to skate in circles and I didn’t fall over once. Proud face.

Mostly as there are solid walls to crash into and various radiators to cling on to. But still. No falling over. Yay me.

Hopefully I’m off there again tonight. Despite only just ridding myself of that lingering feeling of aches and pains everywhere from the waist down.

Hey, bring it on. These thighs need a work out and I can’t expect sex to do it all for me!


  1. When my mom and dad divorced mom and I moved to another state with her best friend and her family. BEing new I had no friends and nothing to do. We discovered the local skating rink and I was hooked. Despite having never skated before I went to a party and fell in love, so much that I thought I could handle skating at an all night thing. That gave me horrendous blisters on my feet that nearly killed me when I wound up with blood poisoning. One would think that would have been the end of my skating but it wasn’t. I got really good once I was cleared to go again and even took classes for a time. I can still skate, just my wheels have to be on 4 corners and not a straight line lol.

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