Journal: Girl date at Wagamamas & Les Miserables

Les MiserablesLast Sunday my lady graced me with her presence for a fantastic girl date. We were off to see the new film sensation, Les Miserables. Before that, Wagamama’s for a tasty, swanky meal!

We were driven to our destination through the quickly darkening skies. I was so excited, thrilled to be out of the house at all really. I’m easily pleased! Looked like the weather might turn nasty later on, good job we were wrapped up and in comfy clothes. No heels for me that night. I know, sad.

We finally arrived at Waga’s and settled at our table. The staff seemed bemused by two girls having a romantic meal. They were even more amused after we had a few glasses of wine.

The meal was absolutely DIVINE. The squid was definitely the star of the little side dish assortment we ordered, I will be having that again, definitely! Of course, we couldn’t let the moment pass without taking some superbly arty shots of a few dishes.

After the meal it was off to the ODEON cinema next door to collect our Les Miserables tickets. Stuffing them into my purse we still had half an hour til the film, so decided upon ye olde inn (pub) next door for a swift glass of wine each. Well, why not?!

We chatted and chatted. We must have talked about everything, things that needed to be said and explanations and surprise and laughs and realisations and tears and more. It was perfect. I feel even closer to her now, and so pleased to realise that in fact, we’re not so different in some ways. We’re perfectly compatible. Sickening, isn’t it!

We took off with a few minutes to spare, to the cinema to watch our film. Dammit, I couldn’t locate the tickets! Of course she made it even harder by deciding that was the perfect moment for wickedly sinful suggestions to be whispered into my ear. Really, she wasn’t helping. Finally, after a good 5 minutes of squirming and searching in the cinema foyer, I finally found them in my overstuffed purse. Phew!

With shared tipsy giggles and overly tingly girl parts, we proudly thrust our cinema tickets at the surprised ticket-taking-attendant-lady. (I don’t know their title. I guessed this was as good as any.)

Reaching our screen, we were ecstatic (some may say TOO ecstatic) to see that they were serving mini bottles of, guess what? Yes, more WINE. Well of course it would have been rude not to. As it turned out it was rude to, as well. But there we are. One mini bottle of white for me and a mini bottle or rosé for her, and we lunged through the screen doors hurrying to find our ooh-so-posh premier seats, clutching mini bottles and mini plastic wine containers.

With sordid conversation that wasn’t quite a whisper, we made ourselves comfortable in between a disapproving older couple and a young bloke who very determinedly did not look our way the entire time. Not even when he was sobbing into his tissues three quarters of the way through the film. Yeah. Didn’t think I saw you, right? Well I did.

Our mini-plastic-wine-glass-wannabes were ditched in favour of just drinking from the screw top bottles. Oh yeah, we’re classy birds. The lid of one made its way to the depths of my cleavage, for safe keeping. Don’t ask me why. But it was quite safe, at least until later.

But first, we sat and smiled and cuddled and kissed and cried through the amazing film that is Les Miserables, loving the stage to screen version, the wardrobe, the drama and the songs, of course. Really – if you haven’t seen it yet, then do; it’s amazing.

After the film we staggered out into the night and sought permission to play out a little longer. Yes! We could – so we dived into a nearby pub (a different one) and enjoyed more drink. Everything was beautifully hazy, the world wonderfully positive and magical.

Ahhhh the romance and magic:

We travelled to a few more places before the night was out, not before having to take a picture of a pillar box, for some reason. I thought it amazingly artistic at the time:

I know. Yeah. What?

But that’s nothing to my action packed crossing-the-road pic:

Feel the drama!

We indulged in a little dance where some karaoke was happening, then before being collected for home, snuggled in the snow… oh yes, the snow! This was the most hilarious, romantic, magical thing that could have happened. Of course I had to take a picture.

then a few more pictures


and just in case you can’t tell it’s snowing, a picture directly up INTO THE SNOW.


I think I managed to clarify that it was, in fact, snowing.

By this point, I, at least, was looking a little worse for wear. Update shot:

 Our lift arrived. I was sexily ravaged in the back seat…

and managed to arrive home without a bra or top on. Somehow. That bottle lid, flung carelessly aside in the heat of the moment. Sexy.

Well anyway, I’ve probably shared too many photographs with you already – and I want to leave a little something to your imagination!

In summary: best girl date ever.

I can’t wait to see Les Miserables again this Sunday; yes, I’m going again!



  1. Thank you! It was amazing! Romantic and dramatic and silly and funny and sexy and tipsy and naked and girly… absolute perfection. I love you too! <3 xxx

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