Does Your Submissive Require Punishment Or Funishment?

Does Your Submissive Require Punishment Or Funishment?

What’s the difference? Does your submissive require punishment or funishment?

When you think about punishment, what are you thinking? Are you thinking about something that makes you suffer, or something that turns you on?

A question recently asked by a Cara Sutra sex blog reader got me thinking. What is the best punishment for unruly submissives?

Best is something of an odd word to use. Best for whom? For what results? I seem to be creating more questions the more I think about this subject.

It depends on the situation. How the need for punishment arose in the first place.

Does Your Submissive Require Punishment Or Funishment?If your submissive needs punishing, it’s usually a direct consequence of one of two things.

  1. They’ve been disobedient.
  2. They want physical attention (corporal punishment and the like)

In the case of the first, you (ie the Top – Mistress, Master, Domme, Dom, owner etc) have a choice. You can choose to pretty much ignore and not care about the oversight and ‘punish’ by way of a spanking or humiliation, as befits your particular submissive. This does cross over into the second though.

Physical attention as wanted by the submissive. Most submissives and slaves have a desire for some kinky interaction, such as spanking, whipping, public humiliation, being trampled and the like. The list is limited only by your mutual imaginations. Is this really punishment, if they want it?

Not really, is the answer. That’s why I choose to label the second option ‘funishment‘. If my submissive does something to really upset me, or is truly disobedient, disloyal or goes too far testing my authority, I will punish them by either ignoring them a good long while or complete dismissal.

Does Your Submissive Require Punishment Or Funishment?When I am in a good mood with my submissive, I may at my discretion choose to ‘funish’ them (which is oddly similar to ‘furnish’) with spankings, crops, whippings, chastity tease/denial, public humiliation, foot trampling, shoe, boot and heel worship and more.

I do find that this manner of punishment vs funishment is most motivational for submissives. If your submissive whines, moans or (horror of horrors) demands their choice of funishment, I would counter that you need to rethink who has the control in that relationship.

I am aware I’m strict in the area of owning submissives and slaves, but please think carefully before using the term ‘punishment’. I am writing this from a Lifestyle, power exchange, non sexual D/s point of view.

Is it a punishment that is required, a real one – or do you mean funishment?

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  1. May a male submissive respectfully suggest ….. in a genuine Female Dominant relationship, where the male-sub submits voluntarily to its Owner’s pleasure in all matters within an agreed-upon set of limitations, Mistress is able at Her pleasure to whip Her slave as She wishes. That may be for punishment if the slave has displeased Her in any way She imagines, or it may be to guide the slave in a training situation, a pony-cart exercise, or whatever She requires. But it may also be that Mistress simply enjoys the feeling of power She derives from whipping Her slave, the sound and view of its reaction to the kiss of Her flogger, the pitiful cries of the slave begging for mercy, or the groveling gratitude it offers when She tires of whipping and the slaves crawls to kiss Her boots in thanks and thralldom for Her attention to Her worthless chattel. (Of course, a slave should thank Mistress for a punishment whipping even more eagerly, to reassure Her that it has learned not to fail Her ever again!).

    This last sort of whipping, which Mistress Cara Sutra has been pleased to call a “funishment,” should, of course, be fun for both Mistress and Her fortunate slave. There is pain involved, of course, but it would be Mistress’s responsibility to ensure that the pain with which She generously endows Her slave is tailored to its masochistic taste. Furthermore, both parties must understand that it is the slave’s privilege to provide amusement for Mistress, and the slave must show its gratitude for Her gift of allowing it to entertain Her with its sublime suffering.

    Thank You, Mistress Cara, for permission to offer praise and thoughts to You and Your readers………………

  2. With due respect, if Miss Anonymous can gain true control over Her “bf,” transform him from “boyfriend” to “beneath [Her] feet,” that is, a proper slave, She can certainly command him — or “it” — to perform as She desires. Not to intrude, but the “cowgirl” position is a good recommendation, if Miss A is pleased to command.

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