10 alternative uses for a cloned willy

  1. Clone a WillyIntimate hoopla game. For extra LOLZ, suggest using hula hoops.
  2. Fix to your bathroom wall to create a glory-ous feature that is sure to leave an impression on your guests.
  3. Eye catching paperweight in a busy office. Guarantees no paperwork theft. Or dates.
  4. Enjoy the enthusiasm of somebody wanting to play with it. Puppy chew toy.
  5. A fantastic way to meet uniformed officials. Pop it in your flight bag when travelling abroad.
  6. Stick it in your jacket pocket then rob a bank. SEXILY. “Stick it up!”
  7. Dinner party table centre piece. Do your relatives always gobble down all the nosh? Not any more. Win!
  8. Starved of attention? Claim you bought it at the Boots cosmetic counter and refuse to leave until they give you a refund.
  9. Mother in law pissing you off? Give this as a birthday present & enjoy peaceful awkward silences from then on.
  10. Get on TV the easy way. Super glue this to the side of your neck. Embarrassing Bodies – new star!


In order to try out these amazing uses for a cloned willy, you will need a Clone a Willy Kit. I’m sure you have some ideas about how you can use a cloned willy yourself. But none as awesomely fantastic as these, right?!

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