Why I won’t stop being a bitch

I am pretty used to being disliked or tolerated at best, with only a handful of people actually seeming to like me. Why? Well it seems most common these days to dislike someone who sticks up for themselves, what they believe in, their family and their standards.

I have high standards that I set for myself. I let myself down by not meeting my own high expectations. Perhaps unfortunately, I also then have high expectations of others, whether personal or business.

If someone takes advantage of me or those I love, they need telling. Once told, people tend to think I’m a bitch. I happen to think that in the first place they shouldn’t have acted like a rude/lazy/arrogant whatever then. Delete as appropriate.

Is it really so normal to just sit back and let the world and its dog walk all over you? Well I’m sorry (not sorry face), that just isn’t me.

I won’t stop telling you how I feel, the problems I have with your attitude or behaviour. I won’t stop being a ‘bitch’, if that’s what this is.

Don’t get me wrong, I am lovely to everyone, fairly. I treat people with patience, tolerance and kindness – until they cross me or my household. Then they feel the full weight of my righteous indignation, the anger invoked that they are trying to take the piss.

I really don’t dislike anyone until they deserve it.

I am one of those people who will actually tell the waiter if there was something wrong with the meal. I’ll complain if I am left waiting too long for my drink. I will send something back in the post for refund or exchange if it breaks in the first 5 minutes or wasn’t what I ordered. Life is too short to put up with less than you deserve, or less than the service a company has pledged to provide.

Has society really come to this, that we are to feel intimidated by what people might think of us for complaining? Not to ‘make waves’, don’t ‘rock the boat’, stop ‘having an attitude.’

Meanwhile, ‘bitches’ like me are campaigning for a better standard of treatment from other individuals, or a better level of service from companies, for people like you.

I could be lovely I guess and have a ton of friends. That walk all over me and are out for what they can get from a sap. But I just can’t keep my mouth closed like that. Or generally. Yeah, I get into plenty of trouble stating my opinion on matters. Quick to flare but quick to calm.

So no, I won’t stop ‘being a bitch’. Why don’t you open your mouth for once and start ‘bitching’ yourself. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve, at the respect you’re shown.


  1. I like this post, its refreshingly honest and I can empathise with a lot of what you say. I will always go out of my way to help anyone but when crossed can be very fiery and am usually callsed as a ‘bitch’.

    These are different times and its good that people arent afraid to stand up for something that they believe in xx

  2. If that’s “being a bitch”, I have no idea what I am seen as – something far worse, for sure. I gave up on suffering ‘fools’ quite a long time ago.

    And if I have to be ‘nice’ (aka ‘a push over’) to everyone in order to have ‘lots of friends’, then I’ll stick to just having a handful of really good mates who I know I can rely on when things get really sticky, thanks.

    So – couldn’t agree more, really. πŸ™‚

  3. I love this post. It’s something that I need to read at the moment. I’m very open-minded and tend not to judge people too harshly or quickly. BUT I find I get walked on because I avoid confrontation – mainly with “friends”. I allow them to say unfair things to me, and I sit back and say nothing.

    In some areas of my life I am confident and outgoing, but in others I lack self-esteem and let this get the better of me. Sadly, instead of letting someone know when they have disappointed me or let me down, I just vote with my feet and distance myself from them.

    In 2013 I want to try and learn better habits when it comes to dealing with people. I also want to end some relationships in my life that no longer serve any purpose.

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