Why I hate practical jokes and pranks

Practical jokes and pranks are a socially accepted form of bullying.

I’ve always hated practical jokes. Not just disliked, or ‘not my sort of humour’. I actually hate them. Their whole purpose seems to be for the humiliation  degradation and mockery of someone else. Someone who doesn’t consent to being used in this way, someone who doesn’t deserve it and becomes the physical and mental source of entertainment for someone else.

Now comes the terrible news that a nurse has been found dead in the wake of a hoax by Australian DJs on a radio show. They called the hospital Kate Middleton was a patient of, pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles. They then played the telephone recordings to their audience, for entertainment purposes.

Information was given in the telephone calls that wouldn’t have been stated to anyone else.

The nurse who transferred the calls has subsequently been found dead, in a suspected suicide.

Sick and disgusting.

What sort of world is it that we live in where people (both the perpetrators and the avid audience) find this kind of thing not only tolerable but amusing and entertaining?

The blame lies both with those who carry out the hoaxes and practical jokes and those who continue their life cycle by being the gleeful onlookers.

I wish people would have more care about how they get their entertainment. Remember that others have feelings and may not consent to you using them in this way, for selfish purposes. Practical jokes can be hurtful and cause lasting emotional damage and distress, if not worse.




  1. I read about earlier, it’s disgusting. It was distasteful enough pranking someone who is in hospital and going through an emotional time, but to think that this could have contributed towards somebody’s death is appalling. This is a sick world we live in.

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