Welcome to the world, little Blue

It really has been a busy couple of weeks!

It all started Sunday night, 28th October. Pains that gradually got worse. Braxtons again, I thought. Then after a while, hey. These contractions are really not messing around.

Ellie & D were on hand being so supportive, timing contractions and providing food and drink as I wanted.

Eventually we put up the birth pool, but it just wasn’t to be. My waters had partly gone at home already, but upon ringing for a midwife we were informed there were none available at that time, I’d have to go to hospital to check that baby was ok.

I wasn’t very happy about this, I don’t like hospitals at the best of times (can’t think of a ‘best time’ you’d have a hospital involved, but anyway) and I couldn’t see them letting me out once they had me there.

Nonetheless baby’s safety is of course paramount – so off we went in the car, Ellie, D and I. Dean left behind to look after the rest of the family.

The midwives at hospital were actually lovely and tried to acquiesce to all my wants for my labour. However it soon became apparent that it was a good job I’d had to come to hospital – baby’s heart beat dropped with each contraction regardless of my position – so I had to be fully monitored throughout labour.

This meant no water birth, no coming home and being restricted to either bed or birth ball by the bed during labour. I’m not sure I could have walker around much anyway, the pains were getting worse and I was giving the TENs machine a good battering. Two pads on the bottom of my back. Nicely distracting.

Eventually as the night passed I progressed to needing gas and air. I proceeded to then apologise regularly to Ellie for bring such a wuss – I’m not a hippy earth mum but didn’t want to have a breakdown and let her down. I know, doesn’t make sense now at all!

Ellie was amazing as one of my birth partners, D rubbed my back and held me and was a calm support while Ellie directed and guided with clear instructions phrased kindly and also translating midwives to me (they were softly spoken and I have a hearing loss – also, I was in pain and couldn’t concentrate!)

It was taking a while – they eventually broke my waters as they just weren’t budging.

After that the pains came thick and fast…

It was suddenly morning and I was being told that they needed to put a clip on the baby’s head – they couldn’t trace the heart beat. First clip on, fine. Next contraction it came off. Second clip needed.

Next thing… Ellie said we need to get the baby out now… the doctors who’d come into the room were getting ready to use forceps and ventouse otherwise to get him out and make sure he was ok….

D was encouraging me and holding me as much as positions allowed…

I didn’t get any bearing down instinct. I just needed to push, but without that ‘need’ to. Unbeknownst to me, the TENs pads had come off my back with all the shifting about.

I had gas and air and they made me put my feet up on the stirrups…

I had one last contraction before they’d take him out forcibly…

I got determined… and pushed. Blue was born 10.01am 29th October, 7lbs 13.5oz. Healthy and perfect.


Proud Daddy cut the cord once it stopped pulsing.

I was ready to leave hospital 4.30pm the same day.

Love my little fighter baby – even if he was a week overdue and worrying me he’d never appear!

He’s feeding pooing and sleeping lots – in fact I’ve written this post one handed on my iPhone 😉

Welcome to the world, little Blue

Love Mummy and Daddy and all the family xxx



  1. I know I’ve already said congratulations but I just wanted to say it again and welcome to the world little Blue!

    I don’t mind saying I shed a tear reading this. Much love to you all. xxx

  2. Congratulations again! Sounds like you did everyone proud! On a side note, I completely forgot you had hearing loss and never actually noticed it when we met, until you mentioned subtitles on your iPhone! xx

  3. Huge Congratulations again hun, Im so proud of you, what a wonderful baby and amazing supportive family unit you have, welcome to the world officially Little Blue, you are a very lucky boy to have such an incredible family.
    Thanks for sharing this most private time with us all huny. XXX

  4. Congratulations! We wish you all a lifetime of happiness and good health. The pictures are wonderful, and bring back exciting memories of the birth of our own child. Again, best wishes.

  5. Congrats, again, hon! That little lad was in no rush to come out, was he? Bless!

    Just out of curiosity, what made you name him Blue? It’s so cool (no pun intended) and unique!

    L xx

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