Can You Get Jiggle Balls for Men?

Can you get jiggle balls for men?

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Q: I am very envious of women able to enjoy the Ben Wa / Kegel balls and I wondered if there was a male equivalent that we could pop into our underpants, from which we could get a similar(ish) sensation / experience? Can you get jiggle balls for men?

Hella Rude Can You Get Jiggle Balls for Men

A: As far as just popping something in your underwear goes, you could try experimenting with inexpensive bullet vibrators. You can slip those into tight-fitting trunks or boxers and enjoy a buzz as you stroll around any time. They can be a little bit impractical for public play, as bullets usually need hands-on operation to switch them off. No one wants to see you rummaging around in your lunchbox in public, so think about the practicalities of play before setting off.

You can opt for the real jiggle ball experience as a man, you just have to be willing to experiment with a little anal play. Jiggle balls and Ben Wa balls are actually modelled on pelvic floor exercisers or PC muscle toners, articles designed to tone the pelvic floor region in women. A sexy side effect of these pleasure balls is G-spot massage and the potential for orgasm.

Guys have a pelvic floor too and it’s possible to work it out with some penile flexing exercises and some specially-made jiggle balls for your bottom that you can clench around. As you probably know, prostates are the man’s equivalent of a G-spot, so you can experience some pretty similar ‘G-spot’ sensations yourself with the use of something like the Marc Dorcel Pleasure Geisha Silicone Butt Plug.

You slip this little beauty inside you just like a lady would with pleasure balls. Add some lube, take time to become aroused and slip the plug inside you. The base prevents it from going anywhere it shouldn’t and helps keep the internal free-roaming weight jiggling against your prostate. The sensations can take a little while to get used to, but I’m assured that the perseverance is more than worth the reward.

Prostate stimulation can induce some powerful hands-free orgasms in men, so the male equivalent of jiggle balls are definitely worth having a play with. Just don’t go using your partner’s set, if the toy is not especially designed for anal play, don’t put it in your ass.

– Hella Rude


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