Sex Toy Shops: Get the best free sex toy reviews for your site

I’m a great choice to review sex toys (including fetish/bondage, lubes, condoms, games and erotic books) for your company. Why? Well. I’ll tell you.

What is it going to cost you?

Your cost price of the toy as well as postage to me.

What are you going to get?

A full and comprehensive, honest unbiased review by a professional copywriter and reviewer with years of experience in this very industry. As well as the above, the review will feature your site logo if available, linked to you, as well as all photos that I take of the product linking to the product page on your site, plus the usual product links where the product is mentioned.

Anything else? 

I ensure that my site has full and intelligent SEO to maximise visibility on Google as well as other search engines, using knowledge of the relevant keywords and search terms for the sex toys industry, the blogosphere and sex toy reviews in general. The more traffic the review gets, the more people see and hopefully click the link to YOU.

There’s more?

Yes. I list my sex toy reviews at the Sex Toy Society, a fast growing, large sex toy review directory and community which features reviews of all sex toys and related adult products from members of the sex toy community and blogs from around the world. When my review is listed on the relevant page at the Sex Toy Society, it is linked back to my review on my site… which has all those links to YOU within it.

I also upload the photographs I have taken of the product to the Sex Toy Society. These photographs are also linked back to my review at, containing – yep you got it. The links to your site and product once again.

[Edit December 2015: The Sex Toy Society has since sadly closed]

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for years. I know what works for me and what doesn’t, what I like and what should go back to the drawing board. Want your products reviewed and mentioned at

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