Still hot, just different

As I found out this morning.

Wake up, think: I really must have that shower this morning. The one I meant to have last night, but was too exhausted to clamber into, so instead I just scraped off my makeup and passed out on the bed in a pile of light sheet & icecream.

So, morning shower. Refreshing, cleansing, gorgeous. The sun streaming in through the window left ajar, thistles shedding and every so often a stray one becoming incarcerated in the room with me. Brings a softness and elements of country life that I will always appreciate. (the bugs however, I will not ever appreciate, but that is a different story.)

Go to wake up the man, snoozing still when he should really be getting up. The sheet has fallen aside from him and he is naked, freshly showered from the night before – he made it into the shower unlike me. Hair a clean mess, face shaven, cock and balls lolling to one side seemingly as snooze ridden as he is.

I’m still dripping from walking straight from the shower, out of the en-suite and into our room. The towel clasped round me, as much as I can with my precious cargo making me more inflated by the day.

I sit and without thinking decide somewhere in my subconscious that the best way to wake him is to reach out and play with his balls.. just lightly stroking fingertips over them at first. Dipping fingerpads underneath to so lightly trace over his perineum, up to his cock… still asleep.

That will change. I’ve started now; it’s a challenge. A sexy challenge.

Using both hands, the towel barely still around me as I perch on the edge of the bed, I proceed to stroke, tease and fondle him until he is fully hard. His face shows.. oh, he’s awake alright. Eyelids flickering open to give me that look, “I hope you know what you’ve let yourself in for” look, and I don’t care at this point. I’m getting turned on just watching him get as close to losing control as I can make him, my hand now firmly around his shaft and faster strokes, up and down, making him gasp every few seconds.

I let go.

Stretching up over him, kissing his lips.

“Don’t you have to get up?”

He smiles.

“I know where I want to get up.”

Well, that’s direct.

The towel is now merely framing my bottom as my breasts and heavily pregnant body, still damp, are open to him. He runs his eyes over me approvingly. I feel shy, like I always do, inexplicably. So silly. I blush some.

He puts his hands on my forearms, where they are by either side of him as I lean over him, after the kiss and brief interchange.

One knee on the outer side of the bed I swing my other leg over him, to straddle… I’m so wet already – not just from the shower, but there – so he slides in easily, with barely any guidance.

I make some noise that I can’t remember well as it’s driven home from both his sudden thrust and my weight sitting on top of him. Not fully – I’m delicate right now – but using knees on the bed and my hands on his strong upper arms to manoeuvre and control the depth of his fucking.  It feels amazing. As always.

Starting slow but aware that we could be interrupted at any moment. That’s hot. My bobbing arse up and down, facing the door, daring anyone to enter and reveal my sluttery in all its glory.

Our sinful morning, grabbed passion and lust.

We fuck like this for a while, the time as always hazes into a blur of sensation and our bodies combined, the time when we feel perfect, joined.

After not too long, probably aware of our ‘predicament’, he breaks off from kissing my face and tells me, “I’m going to cum in you” – with a half gasped breath that is just too arousing to describe.

“I want you to. … Please.” I remember. Sort of. I need to ask properly.

“Please cum in me, please? I need you to…”

I land kisses to his ear and then sink in, half collapsing on his chest as he places his hands on my waist. I may be on top of him but he holds me there, using me like his fuck toy and I suddenly feel no bigger than a toy doll as he bangs away at my tight pussy, as I melt, mewing, into his neck, my fingernails clawing round into his shoulders and back. Teeth finding his neck muscles to sink into, only half muffling my wails and yelps as I am pounded.

He comes with a loud audible release, both the physical emptying into me and the hiss of hot breath next to my ear, done. Arms weaken on me, I feel the insurgence ebbing away from him under me and replaced with a contented, post-coital bliss. I lay my head to the side n his neck as I lower my hips and just hug him like that, both relaxed, happy. He looks like he’s snoozing again. He’s not.

But that is it for now, we don’t have much time for cuddles. The day has to begin. This beautiful beginning will have me smiling all day.

I raise myself up, smiling, and kiss him.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“You know, you really should get up now.”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

I make my way back to the shower for a quick rinse before dressing and going down for coffee.

My cheeks are looking particularly rosy today.






  1. That is my kind of morning.. period. I was hornier when I was pregnant, my poor hubby was a whooped pup between work and me wanting it from him all the time.

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