girl thoughts

What I want right now…


…is to throw off all shackles of circumstance, surrounding, others. To become the fantasy, have the body to match the mindset. Fulfil those inner longings and lusts, hidden depraved thoughts becoming reality.

Give what she wants, be what she desires. The pinnacle of all she sees and wants to consume, those voracious blood lusts, droplets of slut-scarlet soiling ‘virginal’ innocent whites, flesh heaving, bosom breathing barely beneath the tight corset lacing, the lace edging, the ruffles. The vampiric rites and fatalistic temptations, the poisoned apples and tainted chalices of her dark dreams… the doll to mould, dress up, play with, pervert.

On strings for a while at least, mind and sex as loose as the rope is tight. A cataclysmic clash of artistic colours, splashes of paint, food, wine, more. No care for mess, induce, want more and more. Insatiable depravity, debauched and reckless rampant caterwauling with each meet of our bodies, riding each other high into the outer limits of imagination and beyond.

Take what you think you have as the wildest fantasy and complete smash it like a porcelain figurine dropped from the highest cliff… pound you like the ocean at a rock face, saturate you with my mind, tongue following… tasting, eating, devouring. Give you that pain you can’t resist, become the Mistress of bruises and welts, then the sorrowful little girl begging for penance on hands and knees, bottom in the air for a spanking, tails, ears, fur.

Two bodies, one mind riding a rollercoaster of not only physical abandonment but emotional connection, love, heat, searing and scorching yet binding and welding together.

Never again apart, never again forgotten, always treasured, always wanted. Love becomes tangible, taste it in the air with the sweat, the sex, the scent of our juices and the musk of our want. Tongues meeting.

Can’t shake the thought of tongue inside, sliding, slippery, fingers following and more- tingling to shudders-

First touch… rebrands the centre of desire. The iron is hot. Strike…


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