Bye Bye Boring, Hello Rock Chick!

Last week saw the transformation in me with new hair colour, black/red then an actual night out, to an actual pub and not even just that… an actual club afterwards – all at 6 months pregnant! It’s making me yawn again thinking about it.

~has a quick nap~

But never mind that. I don’t feel boring any more, which I say counts as a win.  I have actually been in tears at times over the past couple of months just feeling so rubbish, blame hormones, or the mask of pregnancy or just the fact I felt plain Jane, fat, lumpy, old and haggard. Right, that’s enough whining.

I haven’t coloured my hair in over ten years so it’s a big change and I just love it. Took photos, which are on my Facebook, but got glammed up Friday night and shook up the town a little bit… wicked looking rock chica with ample bosoms, fishnet stockings, heels and a bad ass attitude too.

Ok so I came home at midnight and only had two half shandies… but at least I made the effort right? It was a wicked night and I quite like this pic so thought I would share it on a Sinful (but sunny, YAY!) Sunday.


  1. Can’t imagine you ever being boring, though we’re very sorry that you felt rubbish of late. For what it’s worth, you look absolutely amazing here. Glad you had a night out. Total win!

  2. The new hair colour look lovely and I really love the vamp goth look, it suits you so very well. A dark and lusty siren indeed.


  3. Oh I LOVE your new haircolor. The photo is just perfect, it shows off what a sultry vamp you are! Go you for going out and feeling better about yourself. You are definately NOT plane jane.

    xoxo Jana

  4. I love the whole looking, it is both cool and sexy. But I also have to say, at the risk of sounding like an old man, that midnight is about all I can hack myself these days. And I have no excuse!


  5. BOOBS! I mean, sorry, what? 🙂

    But seriously though, boobs. Very sexy shot and, besides the aforementioned, I love the rock look and the cute little bows!

  6. Wowzers! What a vamp! Lovely contrast between the dangerous sultry look of the first pic and the ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ veneer of the second.

    LP x

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