Gagged & Ready for My Close Up

Here’s my entry for Toy with Me Tuesday
Ready for entry with the Asylum Hook Mouth Spreader Gag!
Toy with me Tuesday


  1. Brilliant shot huny, that gag is quite scary forcing the mouth open like that, love the chain effect at the sides…super kinky love this hun.

  2. Smile, you’re on camera! This should be much more terrifying, but it is mostly just for some reason amusing.


    • Thanks for that. The picture wasn’t actually taken for the Toy with Me Tuesday thing, but for a review. Therefore it was not meant to be anything other than displaying how the gag worked. Thanks so much for your valued input, however.

  3. It almost looks like you have two vampire like fangs! The picture shows off the toy very well.

    Thank you for taking part =)

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