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These questions and answers are posted as part of the weekly TMI Tuesday Blog Meme. I submitted the questions too this week!

1. What’s the kinkiest thing about you, either mentally or physically?

Probably the fact that I get off on long term male chastity, have a live in slave and also love to indulge in violent sex with my male and female partner, as well as sploshing fetishes and certain activities with funnels…

2. Do you have any fetishes? If so, what are they?

Well… shoes. Specifically sexy high heels – ~orgasm~! Other than that, messy play, I have mentioned sploshing but although I joke it’s more just a desserts during lesbian sex thing. You know, normal.~laughs~

Other fetishes… bondage, male chastity, FemDom, male submission, Lifestyle Domme, Professional Dominatrix, corporal discipline, spanking, asphyxiation, pet (kitten) play, age play (Daddy/little girl), collars, leashes, piercings (HCH), nipple clamps, speech restriction, control, TPE.

3. Have you ever been spanked? Did you enjoy it? Tell us more…

Oh yes definitely and I do enjoy it. I am a kitten with claws though and tend to fight back, it’s either my way or no way!

Love the rosy red cheeks after, as well as the feeling of the lasting sting. I would only let my partners do this to me though.

4. Have you been tied up, or tied someone else up? Did you use rope or restraints?

Yes, both. I’ve been tied up with rope and restraints, and restrained others with restraints. I need to work on my rope skills! I love being put into a Shibari harness by my lover, and cuffed to the bed overnight, just left chained up there after some rampant fucking.

With others I tend to use locked leashes to something static, or My ankle, or leather cuffs and ankle restraints.

5. Would you classify yourself as more dominant, submissive, a switch or entirely vanilla?

Dominant in personality and Lifestyle, I can play sub in the bedroom for sex. Definitely nowhere even close to vanilla!

6. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

There have been lots of things in my past life, but with lovers it would be all four in our poly rel having sex on the huge bed, whilst my slave was watching in chastity, cuckolded. My man and woman toying with me, and fucking me for hours, and each other, plenty of cock sucking and my man fucking both of us girls however he wanted. Use of the magic wand as well as glass sex toys, making me bleed with the sheer force and violence and my man then woman both fisting me repeatedly… both holes.

7. Have you been to a BDSM club? What was it like? If not, would you ever go to one?

I have been to various clubs in the past, they weren’t what I found enjoyable, but then I haven’t been in the right circles I think, I would love to go to Pedestal still at some stage.

8. What’s your favourite fetish item or implement?

For male subs, the Houdini chastity device. I love long suede frond floggers for tease and abuse and I like wearing a collar for my lover, and a leash attached to clit hood piercing for him to tug on…

9. Favourite kinky clothing material?

PVC! It’s just so versatile, comfy to wear and easy to look after and look fab in.

10. Thigh boots – love ‘em or hate ‘em?

LOVE! I have some flat ones but my faves are of course my lace front patent and my lace back matte ones.

11. If you’re kinky, who knows about it? Do you tell people or is it a closely guarded secret?

Oh everyone, even my parents lol. I don’t keep it a secret, why should I?

12. What are your personal limits?

No underage involvement, bloodplay, bestiality or scat. I also hate my nipples being pushed in and my ears licked. Strange but there we are!

13. What’s your safeword and why did you choose that one?

We all use the traffic lights system but I let my subs choose their own, if they don’t have one it’s lemmings which I have used for years. Not quite sure where that started!

14. Which fetishes do you just really not get?

People who have sex with cars, pavements and buildings… erm, what? Also scat. I can get my head around the humiliation and taboo elements but for me… just… no.

Bonus: Complete this sentence:

To me, Fetish, Kink and BDSM means… the world. Without it I would not be complete.



  1. 6. Hands down…thanks kinky. Lot’s of kinky, kinky elements.

    12. We’re on the same page here, even with the pushing nipples in and ear licking…just no!

    Have a great rest of the week Cara,


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