The Most Times

These questions and answers are being posted as part of the weekly TMI Tuesday Blog Meme.

This week’s TMI Tuesday theme is… The Most Times.

I’m going to answer these questions with things I have done the most times!

1. What sex position have you been in the most times?

Probably doggy style. Ramtastic!

2. What book have you read …?

Legend of the Seeker – Sword of Truth. Ahhhh Denna!

3. What movie have you watched …?

Interview with a Vampire. Classic.

4. In the last week, who have you texted … ? (no names, list the relationship or type of person)

Toss up between my girlfriend & my boyfriend! Probably the girlfriend <3

5. In the last week, what food have you eaten …?

Cereal. Got a thing about Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (apparently everyone has!)

6. Today, which website have you visited …?


7. When dining out, where have you eaten …?

Ooh somewhere quick, simple and cheap as it’s a regular place… Spoons.

8. Which sex toy have you used …?

RO-80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet. It’s the best!

Bonus: Is there something you’d love to go back and relive in your sexual past?

Yes, my sex life before I had incredibly sensitive and painful nipples and when I wasn’t worrying about tearing my cervix, that was merely a bonus!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Oh I remember pregnancy, I was the HORNIEST woman ever. My poor hubby was wore slap out. Working 3rd shift, come in and get some.. if he worked average of about 6 times a day, If he was off 8 -10.Thought he would have a heart attack when the doc told him no sex for 2 weeks cause I was going into preterm labor. Yeah not a good day for either of us..

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