Journal Update

Things are progressing nicely here. I am 21 weeks, almost 22 weeks pregnant (changes every Monday) and feeling baby kicking and punching daily now. Getting stronger!

Stinging eyes and the baby moves from right to left in my tummy, as well as feeling scratching around the cervix which is either movements or the gel plug hardening and firming up.

The scan was great, a couple of weeks ago. Found out I am to have another boy, so trying to think of boy names I like!

Can’t really believe how much the weather can change, in such a small amount of time. From heatwave a few weeks back, to cold, wet and windy and roaring fires to warm up last weekend, then yesterday blazing sunshine again. Make your mind up! ~shakes fist at sky~

Getting more and more tired as the pregnancy moves forward, less motivation and energy to sit at my desk and write all day, which is hopefully understandable. I have still been keeping up to date at my forum and will review products when requested to, I do enjoy them.

Almost finished reading 50 Shades of Grey Freed, which is the third and last in the series. It’s… ok. Pleasant. Not mind blowingly sexy, adventurous or amazing but I do like the shopping mentions and descriptions of her designer outfits, which seems to be the redeeming quality. In fact if I weren’t so far ahead with the series, I would just can it now I think.

I wouldn’t have missed much by not reading it, if not for the fact that it was so infamous and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Plenty more to read & review on my Kindle, as well as a paperback from Sweetmeats Press to be getting along with when I’m more in a tangible book mood.

Forum is busy as ever, so is fetish life, with new submissives applying all the time but only rarely do I have an interest.

Plenty of competitions for people to enter over at the forum here so please make sure you don’t miss out. I already pulled one competition through lack of interest and it is a shame as the prizes were lovely.

I’ve been rearranging the house to get baby things fitted in, somehow I have managed to end up with three beds for it! Moses basket, swinging crib and cot bed. I love the cot bed that was gifted to me though, a sleigh style in Oak. Gorgeous.

The moses basket and swinging crib are only good for a couple of months, a cot bed will last until he is about 4.

I have a lot of plans in the background for the next few months, online and in life, so things are busier than usual, which means I am non-stop planning and arranging. Life is never boring!


Hope everyone out there is well and happy. Until next time,







  1. What a wonderful update…and yes it does seem quite busy indeed….
    glad to hear things are progressing normally….

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