Topless & Blossoming for Sinful Sunday


“He caught that look from his lofty stepladder position, as he gathered her wrists together to bind them high up in the punishment corner.

Roughly removing her breasts from the violet lingerie had not served to make her as docile as he’d hoped. Or at all. In fact, the bitch was now gazing upwards at him with a mixture of Bambi minx and rebellious menace!

Pure lightning on a leash. It was going to be an interesting Sunday… “


  1. Such a sexy shot! Your Bambi minx eyes are captivating, and your beautiful pregnant figure has us transfixed!

  2. I love your eyes, they are so expressive 🙂
    Here’s to Bambi minxes!!! LOL
    And the baby blossom is beautiful…

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Nakedness aside (though, hot dann!), your eyes are so wonderfully expressive. It’s something I’ve noticed in almost all of the photos of you I’ve seen. It’s so sexy.

    And I love the “pure lightning on a leash” phrase!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photo as usual Cara. I’m going to be like a broken record here and say I love those eyes!

  5. Honestly, I looked once, looked twice, read the first few comments, and THEN realized you are topless! Again, beautiful, demanding, challenging eyes x

  6. You are so completely gorgeous. I don’t think I could ever say that enough. I also love how you always seem to include those beautiful eyes in your photos. 🙂

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