Kitten in the Shower

Warm water or ice cold? Alone or accompanied? Hands tied or free?

Clamps, plugs, toys… or just flesh together under the water, splashing, soaping, playing, loving?

What would you do with a kitten in the shower?


  1. Now that is quite some question indeed Cara and I not sure where to start but I have to say that neck definitely seems to be calling out for a strong hand to wrapped round it.


  2. Hmm… nice and warm. Two together… hands free and roaming around. Soft and playing and giggling and loving…

    Sorry. Got a little carried away 🙂


  3. We’d probably pet the kitten. She’s ever so pretty. Incidentally it took us a moment to realize you were in the shower, so captivated were we by those perfect breasts.

  4. Truly fabulous picture. Stand alone even without the musings of what one might do to or for, such a beautiful kitten.

    Meow indeed.


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