Moments of Arousal

Oh how I yearn to be able to describe that perfect moment, when your breath catches in your throat from such intense arousal it actually blurs your vision.

It’s a moment that not only entangles your body physically, with lightning thrashing down through your veins and passion streaking down each nerve ending, seeming to gather at nipples, clit and that place deep inside a shamefully wanton pussy.

No, not only that. It tangles your mind, binding your tongue as skillfully as a tongue trap gag, leaving you utterly speechless, paralysed and dumb, sentiments spluttering as they rise and the thoughts popping like bubbles on the surface.

The room sways… time seems to stand still. Scents are so strong, you can smell everything in that moment, their musk, the sheets, the warmth, the sex that lies ahead.

Surface of the skin prickles with anticipation and heightened sensation even before touch. Goosebumps decorate pale skin which is increasingly suffused with blush, as the blood remembers its necessary journey around the body.

Movements seem awkward, clumsy… body juddering between too cold and too hot… overly aware of orifices desperate to be used and filled, breasts to be squeezed and manipulated, mouth to be explored, ravaged.

The thoughts that can lead to this moment?

Him, on Top of me, pinning me down, the glorious Dominance filling his mind, body and face. Eyes gleaming with full power and control. Warm body, heavier than mine, bearing down, ready to take me in whichever way he chooses and a slight challenge in the depth of those dark eyes that dares me to try and fight – it just makes it all the more fun…

Her, with the mischief and the sinful playfulness, the cheeky grins and twinkle in her beautiful dark eyes, the shared promised moments between our looks of moments had and times to come, hints of dark, filthy plans in her seductively depraved and deviant mind. Touches here and there of breasts, girl softness and clouds of scent, tingles between the thighs at mentions of escapades and shared stolen kisses, tastes of each other, wanting more…

Then there is the Dominance of my chattel, whether owned here or elsewhere. The fresh meat I don’t even need to hunt down, presenting themselves on my ‘doorstep’, wishing to be utterly owned, humiliated, controlled. Those moments when they are so desperate they will do literally anything… the moment they realise they can’t live without My guidance, My teasing, My sheer bitchy cruelty… they can’t live without Me – and the fact I can abandon them at the drop of a hat if I so choose…

Various motivations for these moments of arousal – does it make me greedy? No it does not. It makes me alive, fulfilled, satisfied. Sexually aware, confident, beautiful, glorious – the revelation of evocative desire filling my body.

I feel alive.

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