M is for Masturbation

1. How often do you masturbate?

Oh probably about…. every other day at the moment. It is usually every day but I’m pregnant and so feeling a bit tender.

2. What are you doing to celebrate Masturbation month?

I didn’t know it was until you said, but now I’ll have to make it every day, won’t I!

3. Do you like to watch your partner masturbate?
a. Yes, it turns me on.
b. Sometimes, because it gets my partner very aroused.
c. Not really, it’s boring.
d. No, it’s a turn off.
e. I’ve never experienced it but I’d like to.

Definitely a.!

4. Do you let your partner watch you masturbate?
a. Yes, it turns me on to be watched.
b. Sometimes, because it gets my partner very aroused.
c. No, it’s embarrassing.
d. I’ve never experienced it but I’d like to.

Also a.!

5. Mutual masturbation? Yay or Nay?

Oh yes, all the time, yes please kthxbai.

6. If you had an all-expense-paid trip to San Francisco to attend Masturbate-a-thon 2012 would you go and masturbate? Why or Why not?

I wouldn’t personally, as I’m pregnant but good luck and enjoy to all who do go.

The Center for Sex & Culture
Sunday, May 27, 10am-midnight
Arrive by 9pm
$40 minimum self-sponsorship; or bring sponsorship form with pledges

All genders, all orientations welcome to explore self-pleasure in a supportive group environment. Check the next newsletter for more detail about this year’s Thon, and join us to Come for a Cause!

All donations and pledges support CSC’s operations and programs.

Bonus: Are you addicted to masturbating?

Definitely. More addicted to sex toys, if I’m honest…


These questions answered as part of the weekly meme from the TMI Tuesday blog


  1. Coming by from TMI. Oh when I was pregnant I was quite possibly the horniest woman walking the face of the earth. It was glorious. So nice to find your page and congrats on the upcoming arrival.

  2. We’ve been observing Masturbation Month with daily wank sessions since the start of the month. Jill normally masturbates every weekday morning anyway, but seeing as I am a stay-at-home Dad it’s more difficult to break away and get myself off. However, I’ve been making the effort, it’s worked out thusfar, and I hope it continues well into June at least.


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