Lovehoney on TV! More Sex Please & Happy Rabbit Launch

As you may have heard, the UK sex toy company Lovehoney are going to be featured tonight, Tuesday 8th May, on a Channel 4 documentary entitled More Sex Please, We’re British at 10pm.

Happily coinciding with the airing of this programme is the launch of the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit collection. With three to choose from in the range, Lovehoney have obviously tried to appeal not only to the masses but also to sex toy veterans looking for the ultimate rabbit vibrator upgrade.

With a ‘natural’ style pink, ‘realistic’ (I guess they mean the shaft area, don’t worry boys!) purple and the sinfully seductive ‘G-Spot’ black, customers can choose the one they feel will be most suited. I am guessing that Lovehoney would love you to collect the set but at £49.99 each this may take its toll on your bank balance. Purchase is made happier however, by the free UK discreet delivery and the promise of 365 day returns.

I am not a rabbit vibrator fan. I state this openly and honestly. I question the validity of customer product reviews posted thus far, as they will be from known bloggers and sex toy reviewers who received a Happy Rabbit free pre-launch with the sole purpose of writing up a review to help launch and sales. I am also not a fan of pink sex toys. You may wonder why I am even writing about this collection then, as I am not seeming a very ‘happy bunny’ about this ‘rampant’ set.

Well the truth is, I have become enamoured with the black G-Spot Happy Rabbit. The others don’t actually look all that bad either and the fact they are made from seamless silicone, apparently whisper quiet (jury is out on that one) and rechargeable (ok, major plus point) are all fantastic reasons why I should try at least one of these babies out.

I’ve even (wink, wink) added it to my wishlist here. Handy, huh?

One word of advice, the descriptions state they are splashproof, not waterproof. I’m not sure where you would just splash and not submerge a sex toy, other than by using lube with your toy.

Note: Only use water based lubricant with silicone sex toys! Repeat this mantra every morning and evening, lest your sex toy collection end up in a worse state than a set of Play Doh after a particularly spectacular Christmas.

Want to know more about the company behind the Happy Rabbit? You’re in luck. 10pm tonight, Channel 4, be there or miss out.

More Sex Please, We’re British endeavours to go behind the scenes at Lovehoney in the run up to Valentine’s Day this year. The particular pull towards this programme (for a voyeur like me anyway) is the fact that the staff have absolutely no idea what will be aired and have only themselves been allowed an 11 second snippet to use on the Lovehoney site as an advert.

This is the official spiel:

‘Take a look behind the scenes of Lovehoney – the UK’s most successful online sex toy business.

We reckon that nearly half of the nation owns a sex toy and the market is set to grow and grow.
More Sex Please, We’re British meets the people working at Lovehoney’s HQ in Bath, sending out adult toys, sexy lingerie, erotic literature and raunchy games.
The cameras also follow us as we prepare to revamp the upscale Coco de Mer in London’s Covent Garden and break into the USA.’

Should be fun to watch.

Employees dealing with returned lingerie, dildos, vibrators, sex mad customers and the pitfalls of silicone, jelly, plastic, phthalates, rubber, bondage implements and more? Damn right I’ll be watching and I know you will too.

Join the conversation over at the Cara Sutra forum and give your opinions before and after the show – I’ll be reading all the comments! See you there.





 Get your Happy Rabbit from Lovehoney here for only £49.99 each including FREE UK delivery

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