Keyholding for a New Chastity sub/slave

I was pleased to recently find a male submissive on My Mistress Cara Twitter who was not only the minimum age I require My subs to be (30), but also a slave to chastity and very honest about his limitations too.

Honesty is very important to Me especially in D/s, as both parties only get the most out of it, and I work My best, when there is complete honesty.

After some days of chatting on Mistress Twitter as well as through the Cara Sutra main account, I agreed to become the Keyholder for ‘new chastity sub’. Previously self locking only, he’d never served a Mistress before or had a Keyholder. New and ripe for corruption!

Monday we discussed basics, limits, safeword, traffic lights, practicalities… his gift for Me…

Tuesday morning before work he had an allowed orgasm, then locked up in his chastity device and posted the keys to Me…

Tuesday evening I teased him (with mercy! gentle on the newbie) until about 11.45pm, then went off to have fun of My own in bed…

5am I awoke and checked My emails. Chastity sub had emailed his safeword, saying it was unbearable and he was watching YouTube videos on how to pick locks! Bear in mind this has been less than 24 hours, not only since lock up but since last orgasm.

I went back to sleep after reading the email, after texting him that yes, OK I would post the keys back as soon as I got them, but as I was going to post them back today (Wednesday) anyway, nothing was really changing.

Turns out that he finally managed to pick the lock at 4.30am. Silly boy.

Can’t even go 24 hours in a chastity device. Pathetic.

Anyway, My gift arrived today, some gorgeous Victoria’s Secret perfume from My Amazon Wishlist. sub is sending Me the device to keep as he doesn’t want it anymore… poor little mite (!)

I also got a little treat from My Lovehoney Wishlist – so many sexy gifts for Me there…

I am issuing a new challenge for chastity subs, one week in lock up for Me, send Me your key!

Of course you will purchase a gift for Me to say thank you for the privilege, that’s the least you can do for My time and talent.

Think you have what it takes? Contact Me


Mistress Cara




  1. […] to him. I will warn you that it gets quite explicit in places, so if male chastity makes you queasy, look away […]

  2. […] to him. I will warn you that it gets quite explicit in places, so if male chastity makes you queasy, look away […]

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