It’s so hot

…today that I can’t think of anything other than being slathered in ice, yes, naked on a sun lounger and someone just keeps shovelling ice on to me… ice and strawberries.

Lovers welcome to nibble out the strawberries or fruits of their choice.

Sun lounger by our pool which will be finally sorted, resurfaced and refilled, heated if we wish but definitely not today… with a cover for overnight.

At the far end of the pool is a bar and a huge BBQ serving a range of cocktails, blinis, seafood creations and carnivorous delights – fully staffed by able men in uniform.

Pool shimmering and twinkling in the sunshine, that Mediterranean blue, lovers and I taking a dip whenever we wish. Slip in off the sides.

Slaves chained up within reach of sunloungers for suncream duty. Naked but for the chained collar and chastity device.

Spending the day alternating between being ice slathered, fucked over the lounger or in the pool.

Consuming my fill of hot summery day desires.

I’ll let you know when it happens 😉



  1. Does sound like a delightful way to spend a warm spring day…

    Do let us know….Now about the Strawberries…

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