How to buy your first sex toy

How to buy your first sex toy

So, you’ve heard a lot about these ‘sex toys’, right? Don’t worry; I am not going to sell you a dodgy length of battery powered rubber cloaked by midnight darkness, from under my long mac, on a street corner.

Sex toys have come into the spotlight. It’s been threatening to happen for years. Ever since it was made ‘cool’ to have a rabbit vibrator, courtesy of Sex and the City back in 1998, home ‘sex toy ‘ parties and personal bedside collections have known almost no bounds.

Now we have the appearance of a certain 50 Shades of Grey – even on the shelves of your local ASDA, Sainsbury’s or Tesco. What’s the world coming to? Well, a mixture of kink and sex toys, it would seem.

There are many people out there who still have no sex toys at all. Some of this will be through choice, some through uncertainty and a lack of knowledge. They don’t know where to start, where to shop, what to buy. Do you really have to walk through town on a Saturday with an impossible to miss, sex toys shop carrier bag – the bulky rabbit vibrator shaped box feeling as heavy as lead by your side?

The simple answer, is no, you don’t. In fact if you’re reading this article right now, I am willing to bet many a pretty penny that you have access to the internet. That’s right, it’s not only for Facebook and grocery shopping… you can buy ~gasp~ sex toys.Plenty of myths abound here too. If you buy sex toys from a store on the internet, as long as it is a reputable store, your order will arrive discreetly packaged. The postman will not be hand delivering a see through polythene bag, containing your new 12 inch Ram Master 6000 plus extra thick bottle of anal lube.

Companies such as Lovehoney and Simply Pleasure offer a fast, free (to the UK) and most importantly, supremely discreet post and packaging service to give you piece of mind. I recommend using one of these stores as I know from personal experience they can be trusted. Many sites even feature videos describing how their packaging looks, to give you even more reassurance.

Honour Clothing offers not only sex toys but a fantastic range of kinky clothing, shoes and boots.

These websites accept payment through the usual accepted methods, debit/credit cards as well as Paypal, some even accepting postal orders.
What should you buy? That is a question personal to you and it really depends on your sexual experience, what sort of stimulation you like and of course, what gender you are.

For women, many start with a rabbit vibrator. I suggest leaving this until a little later, they are not only quite ample in girth and length but can get heavy in use if you’re not used to toys.Instead, try a bullet vibrator. These small, versatile, discreet and easily portable ‘buzzies’ can get you used to vibrations against your skin and you can explore the areas you like to feel vibration against. They are also available at low prices, making them ideal for a first time purchase.

What about the men? There are 3 main types of sex toys for men: masturbators, cock rings and anal toys for prostate stimulation.

The most popular male sex toy has to be a masturbator style. With choices ranging from a simple sleeve up to a vibrating, flags out, top of the range, interactive Fleshlight, you’ll never be short of new territory to plunder.

Cock rings come in a wide choice of materials (jelly, rubber, leather, steel, glass) as well as being either static or vibrating for his or their pleasure.

Anal toys for men are similar to the general range, except for specially designed prostate stimulators to give pleasure to this area inside the man’s rectum. Anal toys and prostate massage are a large subject to tackle, but I will suffice by saying you should always start smaller than you think you can take, only use anal toys with a flared base and don’t forget the lube!

In fact for men and women, lubricant is a brilliant add-on for your first sex toy purchase. Water based is best for all round play, whether it be masturbation or sex with or without toys. Silicone lube can disintegrate silicone toys, an important fact to remember.

Keep your sex toys clean, buy sex toy cleaner. These sprays contain anti-bacterial qualities that will rid your toys of any nasties that may be left after just a wash with soap and water. It’s cheap so there’s no excuse. Buy some.

In fact, my first sex toy purchase baskets would probably look a little like this:

Lovehoney Basics Bullet Vibrator £3

Liquid Silk Water based Lubricant £3.99

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner 120ml £4.99

= less than £12 including postage and packing


TENGA Egg Masturbator (Spider Style) – includes lube! £9.99

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner 120ml £4.99

= less than £15 including postage and packing

I hope this has given you the confidence to try sex toys for the first time and explore not only yourself but also the myriad of personal pleasure products available out there.
If you do have any questions about sex toys, sex, fetish or other, I am always contactable via email.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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