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If it’s different, stylish, funky and sexy jewellery you’re after, look no further than Venus Flytrap Jewels. This breathtaking array of creativity is pure genius. I am so happy to have stumbled across such a literal gem of a site, with instant favourites to add to any discerning woman’s jewellery collection.

How did I find out about Venus Flytrap Jewels? Well, I won a Sinful Sunday competition. There were various sexy prizes. I happened to place in one of these competitions and lucky me, one of the prizes was the Freak Chic Kilt Pin/Brooch from Venus Flytrap.

Despite also winning Nipple Charms Embracers and sexy chocolate pieces, this was the prize I was most thrilled about. I looked at the website description to have a closer look, even before it arrived in the post, eager as I was. Yes, it was perfect for me.

A silver kilt style pin to make it a brooch, with three hanging charms. From left to right; silver gas mask with blacked out eyes, a large convex disc containing the image of a person (probably a woman) fully kitted out in latex fetish attire complete with high heeled knee boots, gloves and hood, then a smaller convex disc containing the words Freak Chic in old style, typewriter type.

The brooch arrived in a black gift box, laid inside on a padded velvet insert. This would make it perfect to give as a gift too.

Venus Flytrap Jewels are all made with nickel free metals, only the highest quality for their customers! So if you have allergies you can enjoy peace of mind when shopping.

I adore this brooch and I can wear it on a variety of outfits and accessories, as versatile as it is. Despite having obvious fetish overtones upon inspection, it is not tacky, garish or OTT. The silver colour adds bling and I wouldn’t mind wearing this on a vanilla day out or a Fetish/goth club night, session or event.

Wear on a jacket, bag, skirt or even a hat. It really is the most charming piece of jewellery.

You can find the Freak Chic brooch at Venus Flytrap Jewels for only £15 with £2.99 delivery to the UK.

I strongly urge you to visit Venus Flytrap Jewels and check out their extraordinary array of beautiful and kinky adornments.

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